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Latest News

Robust oxygen analyzer ensures quality of N2 for oil and gas industry in challenging conditions
6 November 2019

Ensuring safety and quality in additive manufacturing processes
31 October 2019

Portable oxygen analyzers increase productivity of test engineers
24 September 2019

Complete range from the PST group at Sensors and Instrumentation
3 September 2019

Complete humidity calibration range from Michell Instruments and Rotronic: new microsite launched
29 July 2019

Fail-safe (SIL 2) Oxygen Measurements for Additive Manufacturing
2 July 2019

Proven reliability and reduced maintenance in aggressive applications
2 July 2019

New dew-point transmitter for compressed air quality
21 June 2019

Trace moisture measurements to ensure yields in semiconductor fabrication
12 June 2019

Fast-responding quartz crystal moisture analyzer from Michell selected for European ethylene pipeline.
23 May 2019

Dew-Point Dependent Switching for Efficient Compressed Air Drying: New article available
17 May 2019

Complete humidity calibration ranges from Michell and Rotronic at Tempmeko 2019
1 May 2019

Critical moisture measurements for compressed air dryers: New article available
25 April 2019

Oxygen and humidity control improve end-product quality in additive manufacturing
26 March 2019

Analytical Industries Inc diving sensors & analysers – download the new guide now
7 February 2019

New: Gas chromatograph impurity analyzers available from Michell Instruments
7 February 2019

Analytical Industries Inc medical oxygen sensors – download the new guide now
4 January 2019

Refineries and Natural Gas Processing: Pick the right moisture sensing technology
30 January 2019

Glovebox and environmental chamber solutions: New Application Note
25 January 2019

Custom sampling systems for quality at US natural gas processing plant
16 January 2019

AII: Find replacement oxygen sensors easily online – new ranges added to list
14 December 2018

NEW Corrosion-resistant analyzer for catalytic reformer applications
3 December 2018

Five years of growth for Michell Instruments Brasil
16 November

Explosion-Proof Ultra High Purity PPB Oxygen Analyser Ensures Safety During Ethylene Production
5 November 2018

Michell expands to new sensor production facility
23 October 2018

Proven reliability and reduced maintenance in aggressive applications
2 October 2018

Combined humidity calibration ranges from Michell and Rotronic at IMEKO 2018
24 August 2018

Michell moisture analyzer: proven efficacy for gas storage quality
31 July 2018

Michell’s Easidew Moisture Transmitter – dual output and new rugged connector for harsh applications in industrial dryers with DDS.
10 July 2018

QCM moisture analyzer for catalytic reforming processes – longer maintenance intervals despite an aggressive application
29 June 2018

Returned to the wild – how hand held O2 meters help Florida wildlife sanctuary
11 June 2018

LDetek, Manufacturer of Gas Analysis Solutions, Joins Battery Ventures’ Process Sensing Technologies Group
6 June 2018

New configurable sampling system simplifies process moisture measurements
5 June 2018

Discover the first ultra-low maintenance quartz crystal microbalance moisture analyzer
29 May 2018

Complete range of high-precision hygrometers improved and relaunched
4 May 2018

New Chilled Mirror Hygrometer from Michell with ALL-NEW sensor set to become the industry benchmark: Faster, more accurate and more rugged than ever.
9 April 2018

New ATEX certification for AII’s portable oxygen analyzers
21 March, 2018

Reliable combustion control analysis for cremators: new application note
20 November 2017

Cost-effective oxygen analyzer for marine maintenance
6 October 2017

New oxygen analyzer targets combustion efficiency in boilers
29 August 2017

Cost effective PPB oxygen analyzer for gas purity in semiconductor applications
27 July 2017

Controlling the risk of explosions caused by dust: new case study
12 July 2017

Battery Ventures’ Process Sensing Technologies Acquires Humidity- and Temperature-Measurement Business Rotronic AG
10 July 2017

Michell Instruments showing extended range at Off Shore Europe
19 June 2017

Michell Instruments – websites now in Spanish and Russian
24 May 2017

Securing energy for the future: Michell's OptiPEAK TDL600 used in research programme
11 May 2017

High pressure dew-point measurements ensure safety compressed air for marine applications
26 April 2017

Michell’s moisture in natural gas analyser is finalist for the Industriepreis 2017
12 April 2017

Michell Instruments: high precision humidity and oxygen measurements for process safety and efficiency
4 April 2017

Battery Ventures’ Process Sensing Technologies Acquires Analytical Industries Inc., Manufacturer of Oxygen Analysis Solutions
21 March 2017

Process Sensing Technologies (PST) launched – Michell first member of new Industrial Technology Group
18 March 2017

Michell’s sensor exchange programme wins power station order
10 March 2017

Trace oxygen analyzer ensures accuracy in cryogenic air separation
24 February 2016

Cutting the costs of natural gas storage with optical moisture detection
15 January 2017

Oxygen analyzer reduces emissions and saves fuel in combustion
27 January 2017

High-precision trace moisture transmitter for high-purity gas applications
13 January 2017

Versatile moisture measurements in wet and dry processes
16 December 2016

Lightweight, ergonomic portable hygrometer for spot checks of natural gas
25 November 2016

New 0.8% RH accuracy probe – order online
11 November 2016

Compact chilled mirror hygrometer measures down to -90°C with no external cooling
31 October 2016

New dedicated gas analyzer for hydrogen-cooled generators covers operation and maintenance needs
19 October 2016

Compact portable hygrometer for convenient spot checks
30 September 2016

Compact chilled mirror hygrometer gives high accuracy for reliable control of sintering processes
16 September 2016

Oxygen measurements in natural gas: new application note
30 August 2016

Built to last: a humidity probe for tough processes
18 July 2016

End of an era: Michell Instruments ends production and support of Transmet I.S. dew point transmitters
29 June 2016

Traceable humidity calibrations from a portable humidity calibrator.
20 June 2016

Quick and easy – order Michell RH products online
20 May 2016

New configuration and diagnostics tool from Michell Instruments
9 May 2016

Flexible solution for on-site field verifications for moisture in natural gas analyzers
25 April 2016

XGA301 Industrial Gas Analyzer ensures effectiveness of Glove Boxes
5 April 2016

Michell introduce new relative humidity probe that hands control to the user.
14 March 2016

Process moisture analyzer approved for world-wide installation
3 March 2016

Validation of humidity probes in-house is an affordable option with Michell’s portable humidity validator
5 February 2016

New options for Michell’s economical moisture sampling system
22 January 2016

New catalogue available
18 January 2016

New lightweight portable humidity verification system holds its own against heavyweight competition
26 November 2015

TDL600 and QMA601 gain hazardous approvals for India
20 November 2015

Not just a pretty face:
11 November 2015

New upgrade kits enable users to convert their transmitters into analyzers
23 October 2015

Latest generation Quartz Crystal Microbalance moisture analyzer designed for easy installation and retrofit
14 October 2015

Michell Instruments signs supplier agreement with Axens for process moisture in refinery applications
23 September 2015

As easy as changing a light bulb: fast, simple maintenance with increased accuracy for RH and temperature sensor
18 September 2015

Trace oxygen analyzer from Michell meets demand for accuracy in cryogenic air separation
1 September 2015

Latest generation TDLAS analyzer now available for US NEC500 certification
17 August 2015

Humidity Calibration explained – free e-books available
24 July 2015

Mass, Pressure and Diffusion competition for schools – Winners Announced
16 July 2015

Minimal maintenance means low-lifetime cost for Michell’s latest QCM analyzer
9 July 2015

Michell Instruments awarded funding to develop energy-saving gas analyzer
29 June 2015

The latest generation QCM moisture analyzer from Michell Instruments gives reliable readings at sub ppm levels.
12 June 2015

Flexible relative humidity instruments for industrial users need just 30 seconds for maintenance
8 June 2015

Michell’s new humidity calculator makes moisture conversions quick and simple to do
4 June 2015

New Cost-Effective Analyzer from Michell Instruments Gives Maximum Flexibility
22 May 2015

Rail industry approve moisture transmitter ensures safety for rolling stock braking systems
13 May 2015

One simple system for moisture and hydrocarbon dew point in natural gas
28 May 2015

Michell’s PCMini52 robust humidity sensor installed for climate control and storage systems for agriculture
13 April 2015

Michell’s analyzers provide double safety assurance in subsea compression
23 April 2015