What is humidity? New blog post explains the basics of measurement theory

Control of water vapor, or humidity, is essential for the quality and efficacy of thousands of products and systems that affect our lives daily – from food and medicines through to heating and ventilation control. Accurate, reliable humidity sensors and instruments are important, but it’s equally important to understand how humidity measurements are made and the situations that can affect the accuracy of readings.

To help everyone get to grips with the basics, we’re releasing a short series of blog posts where the basics of humidity theory are explained in bite-sized chunks.

The first post is available now at ProcessSensing.com:
Humidity Academy Theory 1 – What is Humidity?
where you will learn the difference between the terms ‘humidity’ and ‘relative humidity’, and how changes in temperature and pressure affect measurements.

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Date: 01 February 2021
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Written & issued by Michell Instruments Ltd.