Refineries and Natural Gas Processing: Pick the right moisture sensing technology

Moisture is a critical contaminant for both natural gas storage and processing as well as petrochemical refining applications. There are many analysers and technologies – but not all options are appropriate in all situations.

At Michell we offer three technologies for moisture measurements suitable for refineries and natural gas:

This means we can offer unbiased, factual advice on the pros and cons for each technology for a given application.

Sampling and conditioning are just as critical to the success of an installation as the specific analyser or technology chosen. We have been creating sampling systems and analyser houses for our customers to meet the challenges of some of the most extreme conditions on the planet - from the heat of the sub-Sahara to the extreme cold of Siberia.

We have produced a guide which gives a short overview of each technology, its strengths for each application, and when you might want to choose it. You can download a copy here: Refineries and Natural Gas Processing – Pick the right moisture sensing technology

Date: 30 January 2019
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Written & issued by Michell Instruments Ltd.