Quick and easy – order Michell RH products online

Michell’s new web shop – www.michellonline.com/eu – is now open for business, giving customers in Europe a quick and simple way to order and pay securely for a comprehensive range of relative humidity transmitters.

The products available to buy online include the most popular pre-configured instruments in Michell’s RH range, such as the HygroSmart WR293. This is a relative humidity and temperature transmitter with remote probe, designed specifically for tough process applications. A selection of RH and temperature probes is also available, including the PCMini52. This mini-probe offers a digital output and offers exceptional reliability in harsh or corrosive environments. All the products for sale online are easily identified from the main Michell websites.

As well as relative humidity probes and transmitters, Michell is also offering the SF52 dew-point transmitter. Using the fast-responding polymer sensing tile, the transmitter is resistant to corrosion and measures dew points between -40 to +60°C which is a common range for many industrial dryer applications.

The option to buy products online is a new service provided by Michell for customers who require standard products. Michell’s sales engineers and support staff are always ready to discuss customers’ requirements and the engineering design team is also available to produce customised products to meet specific requirements or specialised applications.

Date: 20 May 2016
Ref : 204
Written & issued by Michell Instruments Ltd.