New Video: Optidew 401 Chilled Mirror Hygrometer for Climatic Chamber Verification

The fast-responding Optidew 401 chilled mirror hygrometer makes an ideal humidity reference for climatic chamber verification. Our latest video demonstrates how to set up and install the Optidew in a climatic chamber to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Environmental chambers are used in a variety of applications where defined temperature and humidity conditions are required. Although humidity and temperature probes are built into climatic chambers to provide control, these probes are usually selected for their response speed and repeatability rather than accuracy. Chilled mirror hygrometers, such as the Optidew 401, are used to verify the temperature and humidity conditions of the chamber, providing reference values of the climate inside.

The Optidew 401 chilled mirror hygrometer is compact, lightweight and able to measure dew points between -40 to +120°C. Its remote hybrid sensor provides a fast, dynamic response to changes in humidity with an accuracy of ±0.15°C dew point and ±0.1°C.

For more information view our video ‘Using the Optidew 401 for Climatic Chamber Verification’ and visit the product page.

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Date: 10 December 2019
Ref : 276
Written & issued by Michell Instruments Ltd.