Gas stream selector monitors UHP gases and reduces costs

The LDetek LDGSS stream selector system allows users to provide UHP gas to any process gas chromatograph or online process analyzer. Capable of suppling up to 10 sample points, the LDGSS is a reliable and cost-effective method to handle sample gases, calibration gases.

For fast, reliable, and repeatable measurements picking the right analyzer and measurement technology is important – but only half the story. Without effective control of the gas supply, the performance of the analyzer will be limited at best, or at worst, provide misleading results.

Many applications have multiple measurement points that need to be supplied with clean gas or have requirements for streams of different UHP gases that are switched according to different process stages.

Meeting these needs can be expensive without a reliable stream selector to manage the gas stream selection.

The LDGSS is compact, housed in a standard 3U rackmount enclosure, but can be configured to supply up to 10 UHP gas streams. Most importantly, its welded internal flow path manifolds with stainless-steel piping minimizes the risk of contamination.

It is flexible to cope with the demands of a range of applications. The sample bypass purge flowmeters and valves are mounted on the front panel for each stream to allow for easy adjustment and purging as well as a fast response from the analyzers. Depending on the application and gas streams, different coatings and materials are available to ensure complete compatibility.

Typical applications for the LDGSS include:

  • industrial gas manufacture and air separation
  • UHP gases for the semiconductor industry
  • Laboratory-installed GCs
  • Inert gas supply to glove boxes
  • As well as being compatible with the full range of LDetek GCs and online trace impurity analyzers, the LDGSS can be used as a clean gas supply to other high-performance analyzers from Process Sensing Technologies.

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    Date: 06 November 2020
    Ref : 314
    Written & issued by Michell Instruments Ltd.