Fast-responding chilled mirror hygrometer selected for emissions control tests in China

One of China’s largest automotive manufacturers, SAIC Motor Corporation Ltd, selected Michell’s Optidew 501 wall-mounted chilled mirror dew-point hygrometer as a reference instrument for temperature and humidity control during engine emissions tests.

China has the world’s largest fleet of motor vehicles estimated at around 340 million. Due to this volume of traffic, limiting air pollution is a priority and stringent emission standards are enforced by the government. China’s ‘National V’ emissions standards were implemented on 1st January 2017, and are equivalent to the EU’s ‘Stage V’ emission standards that have been in force in Europe since 2016.

To cut further cut emissions, new stricter ‘National VI’ standards come into force this year (2020). The new standards have put pressure on Chinese car manufacturers to upgrade their test procedures, which includes careful control of temperature and humidity during emissions testing.

Michell’s Optidew 501 chilled mirror hygrometer was selected by SAIC because of its fast response and stable, repeatable measurements. It is also highly cost-effective, being the most economical chilled mirror instrument in its performance category.

Featuring a new, hybrid chilled mirror sensor, the Optidew 501 is capable of a response speed comparable to a polymer sensor, coupled with the stability and accuracy of a chilled mirror instrument. The Optidew’s mirror is resistant to corrosion and contamination and allows accurate measurements to ±0.15 °C dew point.

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Date: 30 January 2020
Ref : 278
Written & issued by Michell Instruments Ltd.