Michell Instruments showing extended range at Off Shore Europe

Michell Instruments’ range of moisture and gas analysis sensors and instruments will have some exciting new additions for visitors at OffShore Europe this year.
Now a member of the Process Sensing Technologies (PST) group, Michell is able to offer products from its new stable-mate, Analytical Industries Inc (AII), which is world-renowned for its electrochemical oxygen sensors and analyzers for the industrial and technical diving markets.

Ensuring natural gas process quality
The OptiPEAK TDL600 moisture analyzer uses tuneable diode laser absorption spectroscopy to provide rapid and highly accurate measurements in natural gas. Michell’s unique sensor design ensures the moisture measurements are reliable regardless of changes in the background composition of the gas.

The Condumax II hydrocarbon dew-point analyzer has become the industry standard for confirming the quality of natural gas at custody transfer. It uses a variation of the chilled mirror technique to provide drift-free measurements of hydrocarbon dew point, and is able to combine this with measurements of water dew point for a complete picture of gas quality.

AII products for natural gas quality include the GPR7500 H2S analyzer, for measuring trace levels of H2S in natural gas, as well as the GPR25 range of analyzer for measuring oxygen in natural gas.

Optimal process control for refineries
Monitoring and controlling trace moisture is a critical part of most refinery processes, such as catalyst protection. Michell’s range of moisture instruments are capable of measuring trace moisture in process liquids and gases reliably and accurately. For trace moisture in process gases Michell’s QMA601 process moisture analyzer uses the latest generation (quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) technology. It is designed for minimal maintenance and low cost of ownership, featuring an integral moisture generator to verify the measurements and this has a lifetime of three years. In addition to this, precise temperature control of the moisture generator, sensor and flow control devices keeps the analyzer stable independent of changes to the ambient conditions.

Technical Diving – NEW this year!
For technical divers working at depth – such as in the North Sea - AII’s Trimix 4001 ensures the correct mix of breathing gases for the length and depth of dive to avoid the risk of nitrogen narcosis, oxygen toxicity or decompression sickness (the bends). Unlike normal breathing air, breathing gas for diving is usually a mixture of oxygen, nitrogen and helium. The ratios of the gases have to be carefully calculated not only for the depth and length of dive but environmental conditions such as humidity and pressure also need to be taken into account.

AII’s Trimix analyzer makes all these calculation automatically, and removes the risk of errors from using calculation tables.

Date: 19 June 2017
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Written & issued by Michell Instruments Ltd.