General Engineering

  General Engineering
  • Water Treatment Plants: Ozone Generators
  • Heat treatment: Carbon potential (Endothermic and Exothermic gases)
  • Welding Gases
  • Ozone Generators
  • Metallurgical Processes
  • Waste incinerators
  • Glass and melting furnaces’ Cement Kilns

Products in this section

Easidew PRO I.S. Easidew PRO I.S.
Intrinsically safe dew-point transmitter...
Portable, battery-operated handmeter, available with a number of different probe configurations....
MDM300 MDM300 & MDM300 I.S.
The MDM300 High-speed dew-point hygrometer provides the fastest spot check measurement of dew point...
SF52 SF52
Dew-point transmitter...
Easidew Transmitter Easidew Transmitter
A low cost, 2-wire, rugged impedance dew-point transmitter for continuous measurement in...
Easidew On-line Easidew On-line
A cost effective hygrometer with digital display, analog and digital outputs and dual alarms...
DryCheck DryCheck
A simple and efficient, self-contained dew-point hygrometer, with filtration and flow control,...
Easidew Portable Easidew Portable
The Easidew Portable Hygrometer has been designed to make spot checks of the dew point in air and...
XZR200 XZR200
A cost effective zirconium-dioxide analyzer to measure percentage level oxygen in combustion processes, ambient air monitoring and many more applications.
A transportable gas blender in a flight case, suitable for calibrating a multitude of gas analyzers...