PCR - Portable Calibration Rig

The PCR from Michell is a transportable gas blender in a flight case, suitable for calibrating a multitude of gas analyzers at virtually any location and has been designed to allow the blending of two or three gases to the required concentration.
High quality ‘Select Series’ Mass Flow Controllers have been utilized to allow the best accuracy of the blend and allow the user to switch between background gases.

Each channel has a filter, isolation valve, needle, valve, pressure gauge and a flame arrestor for added safety. The blending chamber ensures a complete mix without laminar flow. Swagelok® quick-connect fittings are employed for speed and ease of use.

The unit is supplied with a small universal power supply and weighing just 23kg with wheels and a retractable handle means it is suitable and convenient for air travel.

Product Features

  • Blends two or three gases from Air, O2, N2, CO2, CH4 & H2
  • Select series MFC’s programmed with all the above gases
  • Flame arrestors fitted for additional safety
  • Quick-Connect fittings, wheels and retractable handle for ease of use
  • Rugged case that is water-tight (with lid closed & locked)
Portable Calibration Rig

Technical Specifications

Gases Available* Air, O2, N2, CO2, CH4 & H2
Flow Rate 30 to 1500 ml/min (0.06 to 3.17 scfh) per MFC
Blend Time Allow 5 mins for each blend to stabilize and flush through the mixing chamber and transit line
Ambient Temperature 0 to +45°C (+32 to +113°F)
Ingress Protection IP66 with lid closed and locked
Warm-up Time 30 minutes
Dimensions 624 x 498 x 297mm (h x w x d) (lid closed)
Weight 23kg (50.7 lbs)
Pressure Safe working pressure: 3 barg (43.5 psig)
Power Supply 15 V DC from a universal power supply
Gas Connections QC4 bulkhead stem with shut off - 6mm Primary + O/P SCII cleaned

*Other gases may be programmed by the user if required


 Natural Gas & Petrochemicals General Engineering Power Generation Environment Process Industries Metals and Heat Treatments

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