Portable Hygrometers

Rugged portable hygrometers designed for daily use in demanding environments

Natural Gas

Compressed Air

Medical Gases

HV Switchgear

Power Generation


Michell Instruments range of portable hygrometers allow fast, accurate and stable measurements of dew point, relative humidity and moisture concentration. Each hygrometer is designed for daily use in the most demanding of industrial environments, while maintaining excellent performance and simplicity of operation.

All of our portable instruments are supplied with calibrations traceable to National Standards, or alternatively can be calibrated in our UKAS Accredited calibration lab in accordance with the ISO17025 standard.

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Dew Point and Relative Humidity Portables

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Accurate and reliable dew point and moisture content measurement of natural gas is important for:

  • Avoiding hydrate formation in pipelines or valves
  • Preventing corrosion of pipes, fittings and equipment
  • Verifying the performance of glycol contactors

Compressed air drying systems are usually regulated and measured at their source, however when the air is distributed around a large site, the quality can deteriorate due to moisture ingress through tubing and fittings.

When the air is being used for critical applications, it is very important to verify that the air is suitably dry to avoid damage to the equipment or processes it is being supplied to. Using a portable hygrometer to sample the air at the point of use is the best way to confirm its suitability.

High levels of water vapour in medical or breathing gases make them uncomfortable to breath and promote the growth of unwanted bacteria.

Pharmacological regulations state that the gases should periodically be tested to ensure that their dew point is sufficiently low.

Monitoring the quantity of moisture within the SF6 quench gas of switchgear is vital to avoid an increase in conductivity, which leads to arcing. It is also necessary to prevent corrosion of contacts, which happens when they are exposed to water for an extended period of time.

Hydrogen is used to cool generator windings in power plants. A heat exchanger then cools the hydrogen with water.

Water will ingress into the generator casing over time, increasing the risk that condensation could occur on live windings.

By regularly measuring the dew point of the hydrogen, you can guarantee that the dew point will never rise above the temperature.

The applications for portable hygrometers are not limited to whats listed on this page.

We have over 40 years experience measuring humidity & performing calibrations and can help you choose the best product for your application.