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The control of moisture and hydrocarbon dew point is critical for the operational safety and efficiency of the plant equipment in upstream through to downstream processes. We at Michell Instruments have been developing expert moisture sensing instruments and systems for 40 years. Today Michell Instruments can offer the world’s most comprehensive range of moisture and hydrocarbon dew point analyzers and systems.

Sampling Systems

A well designed sampling system is key to achieving correct measurement and reliable long-term operation of any moisture or hydrocarbon dew point analyzer. Systems that disregard the requirements for adequate sample conditioning will fail to achieve the levels of accuracy promised in the analyzer data sheet and also may be very costly for the user in the longer term. Our Systems Engineering team can provide custom design and build services to suit your application.


The analyzers and sampling systems in the range are designed to meet world wide safety standards from ATEX, IECEx, FM, CCSAUS and GOST-Ex. Full details are on our accreditations page.

Hydrocarbon and Water Dew Point in Natural Gas Analyzers

Moisture in Gases Analyzers

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Related Products

With markets shifting towards increased activity in LNG processing and transport, along with the development of unconventional gas sources, the control of moisture and hydrocarbon dew point is critical for the operational safety and efficiency of the plant equipment.

  • Glycol dehydration
  • Membrane separation processes
  • Hydrocarbon dew point reduction processing
  • Gas dehydration prior to NGL extraction
  • Trace moisture before LNG liquefaction
  • Gas drying for high pressure enhanced oil recovery

For all natural gas transportation, storage and conditioning plant, a clear view of the process environment is essential. Our broad range of moisture and hydrocarbon dew point analyzers provide that insight.

  • Transmission gas quality at custody transfer
  • LNG re-gasification terminals
  • Network gas storage
  • Fuel gas conditioning for gas turbine power plants
  • CNG compression/dryer skids
  • Bio-methane injection to network

In isomerisation processes, it is critical to strictly control moisture levels within the feedstock to maximise the lifetime of the catalyst bed. Our products enable continuous on-line monitoring of the moisture content, therefore maintaining efficient plant operation.

  • Catalytic reformer hydrogen recycle gas
  • Naptha liquid feed to isomerisation

In many petrochemical processes the presence of moisture has serious detrimental effects on plant operation and production efficiency. For instance, the presence of moisture in solvents used in polymer production results in adverse changes in fluid viscosity and drying times. Accurate and fast moisture measurements are key to maintaining quality.

  • Ethylene gas and solvent liquid dehydration in polymer plants
  • Aromatic hydrocarbons in BTX plants
  • Butadiene in synthetic rubber manufacture

For any process application where keeping moisture levels as low as possible is of critical importance, highly reliable, fast and accurate measurement of trace levels of moisture content (ppbV and ppmV) are required. Our advanced quartz crystal microbalance technology can help.

  • High purity gas production
  • Air separation plants
  • Catalyst bed protection
  • Semiconductor grade gases
  • Process dryers
  • Industrial gas production
  • Specialist and cylinder gases

The applications for our process analyzers are not limited to those listed on this page.

We have over 40 years experience measuring humidity & performing calibrations and can help you choose the best product for your application.