Moisture and Hydrocarbon Dew Point Analyzers

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The world's largest range of moisture and hydrocarbon dew point analyzers for the oil, natural gas, refining and power industries.

Our analyzers use one of four measurement techniques so you can be sure to always have the best technology to suit your application:

  • Tuned Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) - The next generation TDLAS Analyzer for automatic online measurement of moisture in variable compositions of natural gas and biomethane. Michell TDLAS products employ the latest techniques in laser absorption spectroscopy and signal processing power to offer a robust high performance analyzer, designed specifically for the measurement of moisture in natural gas.
  • Ceramic Impedance Sensor - Michell's proprietory sensor for trace moisture in gases and moisture in liquids. A cost-efficient and reliable solution.
  • Dark SpotTM - A specially developed sensor based on the chilled mirror to measure hydrocarbon dew point in natural gas.
  • Quartz Crystal Micro Balance - highly accurate and fast measurements of trace moisture in gases.
Sampling Systems
Sampling systems are essential to ensure a representative sample for analysis. Our analyzer packages combine the latest Michell moisture sensing technologies with engineered sample-conditioning systems to create a reliable and easy to operate on-line instrument.

Standard sample packages are available for core applications such as glycol dehydration of natural gas; transmission quality of natural gas; and feed gases and liquids for catalytic reference processes. If your needs are not covered by our standard designs, our systems engineering department offer customised design and build services for analyzer packages.

The analyzers and sampling systems in the range are designed to meet world wide safety standards from ATEX, IECEx, FM, CCSAUS and GOST-Ex. .

Hydrocarbon and Water Dew Point in Natural Gas:

Condumax II On-Line Condumax II On-Line
Condumax II On-Line measures the hydrocarbon dew point of natural gas, which is a critical factor in ensuring the quality of gas. The analyzer can also include water dew point measurements, to increase safety as well as avoid damage to pipelines and turbines.
Condumax II Transportable Condumax II Transportable
Transportable natural gas dew-point analyzer system for operation in the field. Suitable for IEC Zone 1 or 2 hazardous area, NEC Class I, Division 1 Groups B, C, D.

Moisture in Gases.

Fully hazardous area certified TDLAS moisture analyzer for measurement in natural gas and biomethane. OptiPEAK TDL600 employs the latest techniques in non-contact laser absorption spectroscopy to provide class-leading measurement performance, stability and detection sensitivity with minimum required maintenance.
Promet EExd Promet EExd
A heavy-duty analyzer for moisture in natural gas, the Promet EExd is housed in an flame-proof/explosion-proof enclosure, certified to ATEX, CCSAUS and GOST. Designed for simple installation and integration into the plant, the Promet EExd is configurable for single or dual channel measurements of moisture.
QMA2030 QMA2030
A high-precision, fast-responding analyzer, which uses advanced quartz crystal microbalance technology to offer drift-free measurement for a wide range of applications - from high purity industrial gases to catalyst bed protection. Flame-proof/explosion-proof field-mounted version: please contact us
Promet I.S. Promet I.S.
Promet I.S. Instrinsically Safe Process Moisture Analyzers measure high pressure, process gases and vaporized liquids on natural gas platforms and terminals, petrochemical plants and industrial gas manufacturing facilities. Promet I.S. Up to four Promet I.S or Liqudew I.S analyzers may be combined via the Multi-Channel Control Unit.

Moisture in Liquids:

Liquidew I.S. Liquidew I.S.
The Liquidew I.S. Instrinsically Safe Moisture in Liquids Analyzer, provides fast and reliable on-line measurement of moisture content in liquids. A wide variety of non-polar liquids can be measured continuously, on-line, including flammable liquids and petrochemicals. Applications include the power industry, refining and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Up to four Promet I.S or Liqudew I.S analyzers may be combined via the Multi-Channel Control Unit.
Liquidew EExd Liquidew EExd
The Liquidew EExd offers complete trace moisture measurement, providing direct, accurate, on-line measurements for moisture dissolved in process liquids. The flame-proof/explosion-proof analyzer provides single-or dual-channel measurements with a convenient display interface and easy installation for new projects and retrofits to existing plants.


Intrinsically Safe Field Display The Intrinsically Safe Field Display
is a 4-digit loop-powered local monitor for the Easidew PRO I.S. and Easidew I.S. transmitters...