Oxygen Analyzers and Thermal Conductivity Analyzers

Reliable, low maintenance Oxygen Analyzers ideal for trace oxygen measurement and demanding industrial applications alike



Power Generation


Industrial Gases


Michell offers two ranges of oxygen analyzers, designed to increase safety and improve efficiency from industrial gas and nitrogen production to pharmaceutical reactors, refineries and inert blanketing gases. We use non-depleting measurement technologies - zirconum oxide and thermo-paramagnetic - to ensure long-term reliability and low-cost of ownership.

XTP Series thermo-paramagnetic industrial oxygen analyzers

The XTP range uses an innovative thermo-paramagnetic oxygen detection system for high accuracy and reliability in industrial applications. Housed in an IP66 weather-proof/explosion-proof case for maximum flexibility of installation, it is available in hazardous area or general purpose configurations and is suitable for measurement of ranges from 0 to 100% oxygen.

XZR Series rugged zirconium oxide oxygen analyzers

The XZR range uses our unique metallic sealed reference sensor (MSRS) Zirconium Oxide technology for accurate and repeatable oxygen measurement, without the need for a reference air supply. The XZR400 is designed for detecting trace oxygen in clean gases while the XZR500 is designed to measure percentage levels of O2 in flue gas.

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Oxygen Analyzers

XTP601 Series - Oxygen Analyzer for Safe or Hazardous Areas
XTP601 Series - Oxygen Analyzer for Safe or Hazardous Areas
A robust, linear and stable oxygen analyzer for measurements in gases such as Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide etc. With flame arrestors fitted, the analyzer becomes explosion-proof and suitable for hazardous areas with ATEX, IECEx, cCSAus, INMETRO & TC TR Ex certification.

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XTP Series - Oxygen Analyzers
XTP Series - Oxygen Analyzers
A range of linear and stable thermo-paramagnetic analyzers for measurement of oxygen in a variety of applications with background gases such as Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Hydrogen.

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XZR500 - Combustion Control Analyzer
XZR500 - Combustion Control Analyzer
Designed to determine the excess air required for optimum combustion. Uses MSRS technology to measure oxygen levels in harsh conditions such as boilers, incinerators and furnaces, providing fast, accurate readings in high temperatures and corrosive atmospheres. The Pitot-effect sample probe negates the need for aspirator air in most applications.

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XZR400 Series - Oxygen Analyzer
XZR400 Series - Oxygen Analyzer
Designed for measurement of trace oxygen in pure gases. It is used to control the purity of gases such as Nitrogen, Argon, Helium and Carbon Dioxide during manufacture, quality in air separation plants, or for quality assessment of bought gases. Available in wall-mountable and rack-mountable versions.

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XZR200 - Oxygen Analyzer
XZR200 - Oxygen Analyzer
A cost effective zirconium-dioxide analyzer to measure percentage level oxygen in combustion processes, ambient air monitoring and many more applications.

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XGA301 - Industrial Gas Analyzer
XGA301 - Industrial Gas Analyzer
The XGA301 Industrial gas analyzer from Michell Instruments provides a convenient platform to measure oxygen, dew point, CO2 and CH4. The analyzer can be supplied in one of two bench-mounted chassis and with up to three sensors fitted.

Binary Gas Analyzers


Oxygen analyzers play an important part in the safe production of pharmaceuticals. With the bulk use of powders and solvents the risk of an explosion is great, therefore a blanket gas (typically N2) is used to replace the air in the process. This removes one element of the fire triangle (oxygen), increasing the safety of the process.

  • Reactors
  • Centrifuges
  • Ambient monitoring
  • Laboratory measurements

In many petrochemical plants nitrogen is used as a blanketing gas to create an inert atmosphere for safety reasons. Storage tanks in particular contain vapour above the liquid level that is highly flammable, and could easily explode if exposed to a heat source or static electricity. In order to prevent this happening the oxygen level must be maintained below the LEL.

  • Storage tanks
  • Vapour recovery
  • N2 generators

Power generation requires fuel to produce energy. In the case of coal or gas fired power stations, this is combined with oxygen to produce heat which is converted to energy.

Combustion control analyzers allow this process to be more accurately controlled leading to a reduction in fuel usage and emissions. Some generators are cooled by hydrogen and this needs to be monitored carefully to ensure safe and efficient operation.

  • Economiser control
  • H2 & CO2 measurement on generators
  • Packaged boilers

Metallurgical processes rely on controlled atmospheres to have protective or reactive effects on the metals being treated. Monitoring the properties of these different atmospheres is important to achieve the best possible surface finishes on the metals, and to reduce gas wastage.

Analyzing the oxygen levels allows increased efficiency in the combustion control of a furnace, and indicates the oxidizing potential of a controlled atmosphere. Measuring hydrogen levels helps determine the reducing potential of a controlled atmosphere.

  • Annealing, sintering and brazing furnaces
  • Boilers & process heaters
  • Bell ovens

There are many points on an industrial gas plant that require gas analysis to ensure the best quality product is produced for the end user in a safe and efficient manner. Dependent on the type of gas generation, different measurement principles are employed.

For both cryogenic and pressure swing adsorptions, trace oxygen and moisture in pure gases are the most common contaminant that need to be controlled and identified. Our MSRS Zirconia technology is ideal for continuous monitoring of the trace ( < 4ppmV O2) in N2, Ar, CO2 and other inert gases.

The applications for our oxygen analyzers are not limited to those listed on this page.

Please get in touch and we can help you choose the best product for your application.