Michell Zirconium Oxide Oxygen Sensor

Michell Zirconium Oxide Oxygen SensorThe zirconium oxide sensor utilized in our XZR500 and XZR400 ranges of Oxygen Analyzers is one of the most advanced sensors commercially available for measuring oxygen concentration. Unlike conventional zirconia sensors, which are often known as ‘air reference sensors’, the Michell Oxygen Sensor is based on patented technology, with its own metallic sealed reference. Using these Metallic Sealed Reference Sensors (MSRS) means that the XZR400 and XZR500 provide precise and fast oxygen measurements over a long period of time and without the need for reference gas. The sealed, inert reference of the sensor means that the instruments are virtually drift-free and will provide reliable and repeatable results.

Typically, traditional zirconium oxide sensors are based on the Nernst principle (W.H. Nernst, 1864-1941). These sensors use zirconium oxide as a solid state electrolyte. The probe is plated on opposing sides with platinum serving as electrodes. At high temperature, zirconia allows migration of oxygen ions so that when exposed to gases at different partial pressure levels an electrochemical voltage is generated between the platinum electrodes.

The zirconium oxide principle, combined with the miniature size of the Michell MSRS, allows extremely fast response times. Originally developed for analyzing levels of oxygen in the ultra-harsh environment within volcanoes, Michell’s XZR500 flue gas analyzer is well-suited for use in applications with conditions of extreme heat, such as combustion and waste incineration. The sealed reference design makes the Michell sensor insensitive to thermal shocks and dramatically increases its lifetime, as well as reducing the need for calibration, when compared to open reference sensors which require a source of instrument air.

XZR400 Series XZR400 Series
The XZR400 oxygen analyzer measures trace oxygen in pure gases. It is used to control the purity of gases such as Nitrogen, Argon, Helium and Carbon Dioxide during manufacture, quality in air separation plants, or for quality assessement of bought gases. It is available in wall-mountable and rack-mountable versions, both suited to a range of applications.
XZR500 XZR500 and XCU500 Stack gas sensor and analyzer
The XZR500 oxygen analyzer from Michell Instruments is designed to determine the excess air required for optimum combustion. It uses MSRS Zirconium Oxide technology to measure levels of oxygen in harsh conditions such as boilers, incinerators and furnaces, providing fast, accurate readings in high temperatures and corrosive atmospheres. The Pitot-effect sample probe negates the need for aspirator air in most applications.
XZR200 XZR200 Oxygen Analyzer
A cost effective zirconium-dioxide analyzer to measure percentage level oxygen in combustion processes, ambient air monitoring and many more applications.