General Gases
  • Bio gases
  • Landfill and waste
  • Waste incinerators

Products in this section

Portable, battery-operated handmeter, available with a number of different probe configurations....
A transportable gas blender in a flight case, suitable for calibrating a multitude of gas analyzers...
The XZR400TS touch-screen oxygen analyzer detects trace oxygen in gas and is used to control the purity of gases such as Nitrogen, Argon...
XZR500 XZR500
The XZR500 oxygen sensor from Michell Instruments is designed to determine the excess of air...
Easidew PRO I.S. Easidew PRO I.S.
Intrinsically safe dew-point transmitter...
XTP601 XTP601
A robust, linear and stable oxygen analyzer for measurements in gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen or air for Safe or Hazardous Areas...
XZR200 XZR200
A cost effective zirconium-dioxide analyzer to measure percentage level oxygen in combustion processes, ambient air monitoring and many more applications.