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The Dew Point, Humidity and Oxygen Specialists

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Manufacturers of dew-point transmitters, chilled mirror hygrometers, relative humidity sensors, process moisture analyzers, hydrocarbon dew-point analyzers, moisture in hydrocarbon liquid analyzers and oxygen analyzers, Michell Instruments is an international leader in high-precision sensing with over 30 years' experience in the field.

Our range of high-precision capacitive moisture sensors help customers to measure trace moisture in their process applications, while our relative humidity transmitters and relative humidity and temperature sensors are widely used in HVAC applications, pharmaceutical storage and other production processes where controlled environmental conditions are crucial.

Michell's family of chilled mirror dew-point instruments includes a wide variety of configurations for precision measurement and control of atmospheres for environmental chambers, gas turbine optimization and calibration laboratories with best-in-class accuracies and ranges from -150°F to +250°F.

We offer high-speed measurement of oxygen in a range of applications, including combustion optimization for power stations, controlling levels of CO2 for breweries, and clean-gas processes, such as silicon wafer production and pure gas generation.

Our humidity calibration systems, together with our reference dew-point hygrometers, enable customers to carry out calibration of portable hygrometers and relative humidity instruments in-house, saving on expense and downtime.

Customers in the natural gas industry and power plants save millions of dollars in repairs and downtime by using our Condumax II hydrocarbon dew-point analyzers to ensure transmission of natural gas quality at custody transfer, prevent gas burner failure, and prolong the life of process equipment.

Our analyzers for moisture in hydrocarbon liquids are available in explosion proof, intrinsically safe and laboratory versions and allow the continuous measurement of the moisture content in a wide range of hydrocarbon liquids, including transformer oil, hydraulic oil, petrochemical fractions and pure hydrocarbons.
24 July
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