Calibration Instruments

  Calibration Instruments
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Meteorological organizations, standards laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, and other businesses or institutions that operate many calibrated instruments or sensors must have an effective calibration system in place. It is usually more sensible to perform calibrations in-house, rather than managing the cost and downtime (or availability of replacement calibrated sensors) associated with sending equipment away to an external commercial calibration laboratory.

Michell Instruments has a long history in the field of humidity calibration, originating in the design and provision of the Transfer Standard Dew-point Hygrometer (TSDH) to provide traceability to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) for European calibration laboratories. As the largest manufacturer of dew-point sensors in Europe, Michell Instruments has over 2000 sensors under calibration at any moment in time, in our own production facility in Ely, UK, in addition to local calibration centres in Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, China, Japan and USA. The development and optimization of our own calibration systems has helped us to build a comprehensive portfolio of calibration products and solutions that enable our customers to perform their own on-site humidity calibrations.


Relative Humidity Calibration Systems

S503 S503
The S503 is a compact and highly portable humidity calibrator, perfect for on-site calibrations.
S904 S904
The S904 is a stand-alone and transportable humidity calibrator, for dew-point and relative humidity sensors.
HG10 HG10
The HG-10 is an automatic temperature and humidity calibration system with a wide humidity generation range.
OptiCal OptiCal
The OptiCal is a premium transportable calibration solution for humidity sensors with built in cooled mirror reference.

Dew-Point Calibration Systems

The DCS system is a premium customizable rack-mounted dew-point calibration station with cooled mirror reference.
HG-1 HG1
The HG1 is a low-cost, transportable calibrator for dew-point and relative humidity sensors with built in cooled mirror reference.

Calibration System Components

Pressure Swing Dryers Pressure Swing Dryers
A source of very dry compressed air for use as a zero gas in humidity calibration systems, or for general laboratory applications.
Dew-Point Generators Dew-Point Generators
A range of dew-point generators offering ease of use and fast response to humidity step changes.

Related Products

The PCR from Michell is a transportable gas blender in a flight case, suitable for calibrating a multitude of gas analyzers at virtually any location and has been designed to allow the blending of two or three gases to the required concentration.