Portable Oxygen Analyzers for General Purpose and Hazardous Areas
The portable oxygen analyzer range from AII has several variants capable of measuring from parts per billion (ppb) to pure O2.

Featuring advanced galvanic trace sensors for parts per million (ppm) analysis with proven life times of up to 24 months in normal operation. Percent level analyzers have a life time of up to 32 months.

User-friendly Human Machine Interface (HMI) with a common menu structure throughout the range. Compact and robust enclosures designed to withstand the demands of industrial field use.

Integrated bypass on selected models that isolates the sensor when not sampling allowing trace levels of O2 to be measured quickly and vastly extends the life of the sensor. Optional sample system items include flowmeters, pumps, filters & scrubbers.


  • Fast recovery to <10 ppm from exposure to air
  • Sensor life, warranty and performance is unmatched
  • Excellent compatibility in CO2 backgrounds
  • Excellent operating temperature, -20°C
  • Sensitivity 0.5% full scale

Technische Spezifikation

Accuracy <2% of full scale range under constant conditions
Area Classification General purpose or ATEX approved
Calibration 3 month interval using certified span gas (preferred for fastest online time) or air with O2 value approximating 80% of full scale range balance N2
(GPR-3500 requires calibration gas between 95 to 100% of full scale)
CompensationBarometric pressure and temperature
Connections1/8” compression tube fittings
ControlsWater resistant keypad
Menu driven range selection, calibration and system functions
DisplayGraphical LCD 70 x 35mm
Resolution 0.1 ppm
EnclosurePainted aluminum NEMA 4X (see individual models for size and weight)
Flow SensitivityNone between 0.2 to 2.4 Nl/min, 0.5 to 0.95 Nl/min recommended
Linerarity±1% of full scale
PressureInlet Regulate to 0.3 to 2 barg to deliver 0.5 to 0.9 Nl/min flow to transmitter
Vent Atmospheric
PowerRechargeable batteries with mains power adapter (charge in a safe area only)
Response Time90% of final full scale reading in 10 seconds
Sensitivity<0.5% of full scale range
Sensor Life24 months in <1000 ppm O2 @ +25°C and 1 atmosphere
Signal Output0 to 1 V (GPR-3500 has 4-20 mA)
Temperature Range+5 to +45°C (GPR sensor)
-20 to +45°C (XLT sensor)
Warranty12 months analyzer
12 months sensor
Wetted PartsStainless steel (optional on GPR-1000)
Optional Equipment
Sample Conditioning Pump, filter, scrubbers - contact Michell Instruments
Carrying caseWith custom foam insert


Automobilindustrie  Atemluft  Druckluft  Industrielle Gase  Militär / Verteidigung 
Energieerzeugung  Forschung & Entwicklung  Erdgas & Petrochemie  Pharma / Nahrungsmittel  Deponie  Chemische Industrie  Metallveredelung und Thermoprozesse

Verwandte Produkte

XZR500 XZR500
Der XZR500 Sauerstoffanalysator eignet sich für die Bestimmung des Sauerstoffüberschusses zur Regelung der optimalen Verbrennung.
Der XZR400 Sauerstoff-Analysator eignet sich für die Messung von Sauerstoffspuren in Gasen und wird zur Überwachung der Reinheit von z.B. Stickstoff, Argon, Helium und Kohlendioxid eingesetzt.
XTP601 XTP601 Serie
Robuster, linearer und stabiler Sauerstoff-Analysator für die Messung in Stickstoff, Luft, Wasserstoff und Gasgemischen. Der Sensor sitzt in einem kompakten.