Unique portable humidity calibrator from Michell provides 12 hours of battery powered use

Michell Instruments has upgraded its S503 Portable Humidity Calibrator to include an optional battery pack for customers who need to conduct calibrations at sites without electricity.
The battery pack provides 12 hours or more of continuous use from a single charge, allowing a full day of calibrations to be completed on-site. This is a unique feature not currently offered for any similar calibrator on the market. The S503 provides true portability, allowing the calibrator to be used where the job is, even if power is not available.

The S503 portable humidity calibrator from Michell Instruments is a practical, affordable and flexible solution for calibrating RH sensors. It can be used by most service staff as no special training is necessary. Due to its ease of use, a 3-point calibration can be carried out in about an hour. The S503 in combination with a Michell Chilled Mirror Hygrometer, such as the Optidew Vision, offers a transportable and traceable, total humidity calibration system.

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Date: 8 August 2014
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Written & issued by Michell Instruments Ltd.