Michell’s Easidew Moisture Transmitter – dual output and new rugged connector for harsh applications in industrial dryers with DDS

Michell Instruments has introduced a new version of its market-leading 2-wire Easidew Dew-Point Transmitter, with a simultaneous analog and digital modbus RTU output and a rugged 5 pin M12 electrical connection. Designed for dew point measurements in harsh industrial applications, the Easidew moisture transmitter is also easy to maintain with live diagnostics and, when purchased with the Michell Calibration Exchange Programme, offers lifetime warranty.

This addition makes the Easidew dew-point transmitter the most versatile offering for trace humidity measurements on the market today. For the compressed dryer operator, it means that just one stocked product can be used across all class 1 to class 6 industrial dryer applications. All Easidew variants have a dewpoint measurement range of up to -110 to +20°Cdp.

A range of process and electrical connections and the 4-20 mA output means that the product can be installed quickly, economically and safely replace dewpoint sensors of other make. As well as the M12 5-pin electrical connector, a mini DIN 43650 form C is also available. The process connections available are 5/8” UNF, ¾” UNF and G 1/3” BSP which makes it easy to adapt to local industry standards around the world. The PC-based configuration and diagnostic tool makes it easy for maintenance engineers to monitor the performance of installed transmitters on-site.

The Easidew dew-point transmitter is the core part of Michell’s Sensor Exchange Programme which ensures minimum downtime for users. Customers place an order for a guaranteed, reconditioned sensor. When this arrives, they exchange it for the installed moisture sensor that is returned to Michell resulting in zero downtime for the user.

Where full calibration traceability is required, Michell offer a recalibration service.

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Date: 10 July 2018
Ref : 239
Written & issued by Michell Instruments Ltd.