Service Exchange and Recalibration

 Ensure the best life-time value from your moisture analyzer and sensors
  Michell Instruments Moisture analyzers and dew point sensors are used in critical measurements within a control process they need frequent calibration to ensure that you are getting the optimum performance out of your system. Our UKAS-accredited calibration laboratory offers calibrations for moisture, dew point and humidity instruments, traceable to NPL and NIST.

To make the process of re-calibration and maintenance as simple and convenient as possible, we offer three standard options, plus a specific service for hazardous area equipment

Sensor Service Exchange Program
For the majority of our dew-point transmitters we offer a very convenient sensor exchange programme. Using this unique service is undoubtedly the quickest and most efficient method of maintaining calibration and one that will avoid any instrument downtime. Michell Instruments send you a freshly calibrated sensor and you simply return your old sensor to us within 21 days.
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Sensor Recalibration Program
This traditional approach also offers good value: you can choose to return your dew-point instrument or moisture sensor to us at any time and we will calibrate the instrument or exchange the sensor for you. For a small additional cost we will also provide reading before and after calibration, if requested at time of order.
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On-site service
We can also offer customers a range of on-site service options from replacing Easidew transmitters to full service and commissioning of process analyzer systems. For more details, click here.
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Extended Maintenance Agreement (EMA)
An EMA includes full application support, annual traceable dew-point or humidity calibration or sensor exchange, free software upgrades and all repairs as/when required. Michell Instruments can offer this comprehensive maintenance contract for anything between 1 and 4 years duration.

Because instruments and sensors need regular re-calibration, this option offers the best value as you will quickly re-coup the cost of this agreement – with the added peace of mind knowing that all repairs are covered.
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Customer Serviceable parts of Hazardous Area/Location rated products.
The global safety restrictions relating to the installation, operation & service of products for use within Hazardous Areas/Locations means there are only limited and specific parts of these types of products that can be serviced by customers. We have a servicing process to aid customers to maintain and calibrate their hazardous area products as effectively as the regulations will permit.

Specific spares for each Hazardous Area/Location product can be ordered from Michell Instruments. Each spares kit is supplied with comprehensive fitting instructions and relevant paperwork to ensure the appropriate warranties are maintained. Our experienced customer services department will also help to ensure the process goes smoothly.
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