Chilled Mirror Hygrometers (Dew-Point Mirrors)

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In many processes moisture is a critical factor that needs to be monitored, and controlled. Chilled mirror is the technology of choice for humidity measurements to national standards in laboratories worldwide.

Chilled mirror has the highest attainable accuracy of any dew-point measurement technology, and provides excellent repeatability over a wide measurement range. It is a proven, well established and reliable measurement technique: the temperature at which condensation forms on a surface is measured directly, so there are no calculated variables that could change over time. This means chilled mirror does not suffer from drift or hysteresis.

Chilled mirror technology designed by experts in humidity measurement and calibration

Michell’s sensor technology benefits from our 40 years expertise designing, manufacturing, and calibrating chilled mirror instruments. It is sensitive to minute changes ( < 5ppbV) in moisture content, and is designed to withstand conditions in harsh industrial applications.

From trace moisture in laboratory settings to hot, saturated gases in heavy industrial processes, Michell chilled mirror technology provides precise, accurate and repeatable measurement of dew-point and relative humidity available.

Our S8000 range of precision hygrometers benefits from a single platform with a common HMI and communication options.

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Chilled Mirror Hygrometers with Remote Sensors

Chilled Mirror Hygrometers for Trace Moisture

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Accurate relative humidity and temperature monitoring and control are crucial factors in many environmental tests.

  • HVAC Testing
  • Clean room monitoring
  • Li-ion battery production area monitoring
  • Tablet coaters
  • Environmental chambers

Due to the fundamental mode of chilled mirror measurement, it is the first choice for use as a calibration reference instrument.

Chilled Mirror Hygrometers make the best reference instruments due to their high accuracy, excellent long term stability and repeatability.

Measurement of water content in intake air is crucial for accurate calculations of engine efficiency during engine development and testing.

Components are also subjected to extremes of temperature and humidity to determine their durability. Certainty of the conditions achieved is important to prove the validity of these tests.

Accurate control of moisture content is important to ensure consistent quality of finish during metal production and treatment processes.

  • Annealing furnaces
  • Sintering furnaces
  • Brazing furnaces
  • Strip plating furnaces
  • Strip gluing furnaces

Accurate measurement of ambient humidity is a money saving technique for operators of gas turbines, as it allows them to only heat inlet air by the amount required to prevent turbine-damaging condensation, reducing electricity wasted on unnecessary heating.

Water content is a critical parameter in the function of an H2 fuel cell, and in order to achieve optimum efficiency, the hydrogen must be saturated with water at around +90°C.

During the development of fuel cells, it is important to measure the water content to ensure saturation. Chilled mirror is the only measurement technology capable of such a high temperature high humidity measurement.

The applications for chilled mirror products are not limited to whats listed on this page.

We have over 40 years experience measuring humidity & performing calibrations and can help you choose the best product for your application.