S8000 Remote High Precision Chilled Mirror Hygrometer

The S8000 Remote has all the great features of the other S8000 Series chilled mirror hygrometers, but with a convenient and compact remote sensor design.
The field-proven sensor boasts upgraded temperature control for extremely accurate dew-point measurement. Coupled with the standard ±0.1°C accuracy ambient temperature sensor, it provides fundamentally derived, high precision relative humidity readings necessary for validating the results of environmental tests.

Product Features

  • Fundamental, accurate and drift-free measurement
  • Remote sensor
  • Open design allows remote sensor to be mounted into a sample flow or simply placed in an environment to be monitored
  • -40 to +120°C dew-point range with ±0.1°C accuracy
  • Data logging via USB, Ethernet or SD card
  • 'FAST' guarantees frost formation below 0°C
  • Sensor operates in pressures up to 20 barg
S8000 Remote

Technical Specification

Dew-Point Sensor Performance
Accuracy±0.1°C (±0.18°F)
Reproducibility ±0.05°C (±0.09°F)
Measurement Technology Chilled Mirror
Sensor2-StageHigh Temp PEEKClimatic head
Dew-Point Range-40°Cdp @ sensor temp of +20°C to +90°Cdp @ sensor temp of +90°C-40°Cdp @ sensor temp of +20°C to +120°Cdp @ sensor temp of +120°C-10°Cdp @ sensor temp of +20°C to +120°Cdp @ sensor temp of +120°C
Temperature Range-40 to +90°C-40 to 120°C-40 to +120°C
%RH Range<0.5 to 100%<0.5 to 100%10 to 100%
Min measured
dew point @ 20°C
Mirror material optionsGold plated copper (standard), gold stud, Platinum stud**
Sensor body materialAcetal (standard), high temperature PEEK, Anodized aluminum**
Response Speed 1°C/sec plus settling time
Operating Pressure 20 barg (290 psig) standard
High pressure version: 250 barg (3625 psig) max
Remote PRT
Temperature Measurement 4 wire Pt100, 1/10 DIN class B
Accuracy ±0.1°C (±0.18°F)
Cable Length2m (6.6ft) (250m (820ft) max)
Optional Remote Pressure Sensor
Measurement Range 0 to 25 bara (0 to 377 psia)
Accuracy 0.25% Full Scale
Measurement Units psia, bara, KPa or MPag
Pressure Transducer Thread 1/8” NPT
Resolution User-selectable to 0.001 dependant on parameter
Measurement Units °C and °F for dew point and temperature %RH, g/m3, g/kg, ppmV , ppmW (SF6), for calculated humidities
Outputs Analog   3 channels, user selectable 4-20 mA, 0-20 mA or 0-1 V
Digital   Modbus RTU over USB and optionally Modbus RTU over RS232 or RS485, or Modbus TCP over ethernet
Alarm   Two volt free changeover contacts, one process alarm, one fault alarm; 1 A @ 30 V DC
HMI 5.7" LCD with touchscreen
Data Logging SD Card (512Mb supplied) and USB interface
SD Card (FAT-16) - 2Gb max. that allows 24million logs or 560 days, logging at 2 second intervals
Environmental Conditions -20 to +50°C (-4 to +122°F)
Power Supply 85 to 264 V AC, 47/63 Hz
Power Consumption 100 V A
Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions (Instrument) 186.9 x 215 x 215mm (7.36 x 10.12 x 8.4”) h x w x d
Dimensions (Sensor) ø45 x 128mm with M36 x 1.5-6g mounting thread
Weight 4.2kg (9.26lbs)
Cable Lengths 3, 5 or 10m (9.8, 16.4 or 32.8ft)
Storage Temperature -40 to +60°C (-40 to +140°F)
Detection SystemSingle optics detection system with auto adjustment
Calibration4-point traceable in-house calibration as standard; UKAS accredited calibrations optional – please consult Michell Instruments

**Recommended for special applications only. Consult Michell Instruments before ordering.

Cooled Mirror Reference Instruments

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Calibration Instruments

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