Traceable Recalibration Options - All part of the service.

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Offering you a recalibration choice will make a positive difference in your bottom line by reducing inventory and planning requirements for recalibration of your moisture instruments. To be confident in its accuracy, any analyzer needs recalibration.

Michell Instruments recalibration options make this easier and less expensive.
Michell Instruments recommends that our ceramic moisture sensors be calibrated at least every twelve months. We offer two different methods to do this for our customers.

The normal method used by all moisture instrument manufacturers, starts by sending the transmitters back to the factory for recalibration. At the Michell Instruments lab, they are calibrated against NIST traceable standards. The transmitter is certified that the same exact serial numbered transmitter has been compared at 13 different dew point conditions and adjusted to those values of the traceable standard. Then a certificate is provided with the reference to the standard and a warranty for the calibration for a full year under normal service. Turnaround time can be as short as three weeks but is typically 4-5 weeks since the transmitters must spend two full weeks in the calibrator.

Michell Instruments has a better option to consider. An order is placed for one of our Service Exchange sensors and we ship it out within 24 hours. When you receive the transmitter, simply swap it out with no need to enter calibration coefficients into the readout unit - Just plug and play with minimal interruption in the measurement. Then send the old one back to us. The Service Exchange unit our customers receive has been recently calibrated against NIST traceable standards and has been compared at 13 different dew point conditions and adjusted to those values of the traceable standard. We provide a certificate with the reference to the standard and a calibration warranty for a full year under normal service. There is virtually no down time, no inventory costs and less cost per calibration, all with a very robust sensor.

When we receive your old transmitter, we strip off the old protective cap and sensors. Then we ultrasonically clean it to prevent any possibility of cross-contamination and thoroughly verify the performance of the digital electronics. We then remount a new sensor and protective cap and recalibrate it for the next Service Exchange unit customer.

If you want the "As Found" data for the old sensor, we can provide that report at a minimal charge.

We also offer a Service Contract that locks in pricing, extends the factory warranty, includes all software upgrades and includes the Service Exchange for one cycle or four cycles (over a period of 1 or 4 years). This contract includes an automatic shipment of the Service Exchange sensor upon the anniversary of the last calibration so you don't have to put it on your calendar.

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