Process moisture analyzer approved for world-wide installation

Michell Instruments’ Promet EExd Process Moisture Analyzer has full global hazardous area certifications, making it approved for installation in hazardous areas around the world.

The Promet EExd has the following set of approvals:

  • IECEx – globally accepted and required by Australia and South Korea
  • ATEX – required in Europe
  • CSA – harmonised certification applicable in both USA and Canada
  • TC-TR Ex – required in the CIS zone (Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus)

This set of certifications is also valid for the other analyzers in Michell’s EExd range – the Liquidew EExd for moisture in liquids applications and the Condumax II hydrocarbon dew point analyzer.

For process moisture applications requiring intrinsically safe rather than EExd certification, Michell also offer the Promet I.S. This analyzer offers multi-channel moisture measurements and has the same global spread of I.S approvals as its explosion-proof sister product.

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Date: 7 March 2016
Ref : 199
Written & issued by Michell Instruments Ltd.