‘Trouble-free’ chilled mirror reference hygrometer: Michell’s Optidew 401 proves its reliability in a commercial calibration laboratory

Michell’s Optidew 401 chilled mirror hygrometer has proven itself to be a reliable and convenient reference hygrometer for humidity calibrations in Rotronic’s UKAS-accredited laboratory in Crawley, Sussex.

The busy humidity and temperature calibration laboratory uses the Optidew 401 chilled mirror hygrometer as a reference instrument for a HygroGen humidity calibrator. The combination is used to calibrate a wide range of humidity probes, dataloggers and handheld instruments at ranges between 0 to +60 °C, 5 to 90 %rh.

Like all chilled mirror hygrometers, the Optidew 401 provides highly accurate and stable measurements of dew point. However, the Optidew offers several features that make it stand out from other models of chilled mirror hygrometer, such as the unique Dynamic Contamination Control (DCC) feature.

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Date: 04 February 2021
Ref : 322
Written & issued by Michell Instruments Ltd.