MultiGas Trace Impurities Analyzer from LDetek selected for lithium battery manufacture

LDetekā€™s LD8000 MultiGas Trace Impurities Analyzer has been selected to monitor the purity of argon in the manufacture of lithium ion batteries.

Maintaining an inert atmosphere is essential when using lithium due to its highly reactive nature. Monitoring the argon for oxygen, nitrogen and moisture impurities is essential to ensure quality of batteries produced. The LD8000 MultiGas is ideal for this application as it is capable of detecting these key parameters in a single, compact unit.

Combining the LDetek Plasma Emission Detector, the Ntron SenzTX Oxygen Transmitter and the Michell Easidew Dew-Point Transmitter in a single compact chassis, makes the LD8000 MultiGas a convenient and flexible option for applications that require a number of impurities to be monitored. Discover more about the LD8000 MultiGas Trace Impurities Analyzer on

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Date: 14 October 2020
Ref : 310
Written & issued by Michell Instruments Ltd.