New flange options for easy installation of dew-point transmitters in glove boxes

Michell Instruments is now offering standard KF25 and KF40 process flanges as optional extras with their Easidew Dew Point Transmitters and SF82 Dew-Point Transmitters, as well as with the SenzTX Oxygen transmitters from Ntron Gas Measurement. These flanges are standard fittings on gloveboxes for a quick and easy leak-tight seal.

The flanges are available as options from Michell with an internal 5/8” or ¾” thread to fit all standard process connections.

Best-practice tips for controlling atmospheres in glove boxes

Glove boxes are a cost-effective way to handle hazardous or corrosive materials in an inert or otherwise controlled environment. Because of their small volume, only small amounts of inerting gases are needed and leaks are easy to detect. However, it is still important to install oxygen and moisture sensors correctly to ensure that all measurements are as accurate as possible.

    • Place the sensors as close to the glove box exhaust as possible. A good level of flow is needed for the sensors to make accurate readings – and the glove box exhaust is where this can be guaranteed.

    • Use the correct fitting accessories to ensure a leak-free bond. KF40 and KF25 process flanges are standard fittings for glove boxes and should be used with either a 5/8” UNF bonded seal or a ¾” O-ring between the flange and the sensor process connection.

    • Make sure your sensor fits your application needs with the right measurement ranges for moisture or is calibrated correctly for oxygen content or percentage.

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Date: 25 August 2020
Ref : 288
Written & issued by Michell Instruments Ltd.