New fast-response online hygrometer system offers greater flexibility for Michell customers

The new SF82 Online Fast Response Hygrometer from Michell Instruments provides customers with more choice and flexibility for dew-point and trace humidity measurements. It complements the popular Easidew Online Universal Dew-Point Hygrometer by covering a higher dew-point range up to +60 °C.

Developed as a fast-response, quick-to-install hygrometer system, the SF82 covers the complete dew-point measurement range of -60 up to +60 °C dew point. The Process Sensing Technologies advanced thick-film moisture sensor provides fast, reliable measurements of low dew-points even in high ambient temperatures up to +60 °C. This makes it ideal for use in industrial drying applications – such as compressed air and plastic manufacturing.

The Easidew Online covers the complete dew-point measurement range of -110 up to +20 °C dew point. This wide measurement range is especially suited to applications needing measurements at the drier end of the scale such as additive manufacturing or monitoring controlled environments in glove boxes. This hygrometer incorporates the latest Michell ceramic metal-oxide technology, providing stable, reliable and repeatable moisture measurements.

As standard, both online hygrometers include:

    • 2-wire sensor (SF82 or Easidew)
    • Configurable display with 1/8 DIN mount format
    • RS485 digital communications
    • Stainless-steel sensor sample block with 1/8” NPT inlet and outlets
    • Sensor cable – selectable length

Both the SF82 Online and Easidew Online are eligible for Michell’s sensor exchange programme for quick and simple maintenance with the minimum of process downtime.

The hygrometer systems are manufactured for reliable high-volume supply, and are supported globally by Michell’s service centres, making them an attractive option for OEMs. Michell also has specialised design and manufacturing capabilities to support customisation for specific applications.

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Date: 15 July 2020
Ref : 286
Written & issued by Michell Instruments Ltd.