New lightweight binary gas analyzer for quality control of gases in safe areas

Michell Instruments has announced the launch of a new binary gas analyzer for quality control of industrial gases in safe areas, the XTC501 binary gas analyzer. This latest addition to Michell’s range uses the same core technology as the XTC601 process analyzer, and the XTC601 for hydrogen cooled generators.

The XTC501 uses Michell’s thermal conductivity sensor to measure the percentage of a target gas in a background gas. All gases conduct heat to differing degrees, and the amount of heat transferred by a gas is determined by its thermal conductivity value. This property is exploited by the sensor which uses the different thermal conductivity value of each gas to determine the level of the target gas.

All analyzers in Michell’s XTC binary gas analyzer range have been engineered to eliminate the drift associated with other comparable devices to improve the stability of the measurements. Thermal conductivity sensors are non-depleting and, under normal operation, will last the lifetime of the instrument. This makes the XTC501 highly economical to own since maintenance is reduced to a minimum and there are no consumable parts required.

With a lightweight IP55-rated case, the XTC501 is compact and easy to install yet robust to withstand industrial conditions where the occasional wash-down is required. XTC501 is suitable for a wide range of safe-area applications such as quality control of argon for double glazing, helium recovery and monitoring carbon-dioxide in biogas production.

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Date: 04 May 2020
Ref : 283
Written & issued by Michell Instruments Ltd.