Trace moisture measurements to ensure yields in semiconductor fabrication

Michell Instruments’ high-precision hygrometers and trace moisture transmitters at Semicon West.

Market-leading manufacturer, Michell Instruments’ high-precision trace moisture analyzers and transmitters ensure chemical vapor deposition and plasma etching processes remain free from moisture contamination.

The company will be exhibiting at Semicon West, along with sister companies in the Process Sensing Technologies (PST). PST is a group of manufacturers who together provide an unmatched suite of instruments, analysers and sensors for precision measurements in industrial process control and environmental monitoring.

Michell’s products for semiconductor manufacture include the S8000 RS precision hygrometer. This provides drift-free measurements of trace moisture down to -90 °C dew point with no need for additional cooling.

Their QMA401 trace moisture analyzer uses quartz crystal microbalance technology for fast, accurate measurements of moisture down to 0.1 ppmV. Featuring a built-in calibration system, the QMA401 ensures long-term reliability with a minimum of maintenance.

For cost-effective and reliable measurements of trace moisture in ultra-high purity gases, the Pura pure gas trace moisture transmitter measures down to -120°C dew point or 1 ppbV. Simple to install and use, it can be configured for specific application requirements. .

Visit Michell at Semicon West, San Francisco on booth #5480 from July 9-11.

Date: 12 June 2019
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Written & issued by Michell Instruments Ltd.