New: Gas chromatograph impurity analyzers available from Michell Instruments

Michell Instruments is now internationally selling and supporting a range of GC impurity analyzers manufactured by sister company LDetek. This complements Michell’s current offering of instruments for air separation and industrial gas users. Canadian-based LDetek designs and manufactures online gas analyzers and gas chromatograph systems based on their proprietary plasma emission detector (PED).

The LD8000 analyzers detect trace nitrogen in Argon, Helium and Crude Argon with a resolution to 10ppbv. Options such as its integrated purifier enables automated recalibrations, internal sampling system or Analytical Industries Inc’s electrochemical oxygen sensors will satisfy all relevant applications. Alternative detectors are also available in the same chassis to monitor binary gas streams or measure total hydrocarbons.

The MultiDetek2 is flexible enough to incorporate different detection technologies. Its additional upstream sampling capabilities using gas sampling techniques for the combined detection of a broader range of impurities.

With the MultiDetek 2, H2-CO-CH4-CO2 impurity detection can be performed below 1ppbV in multiple gas backgrounds for semiconductor gas applications. For applications such as air separation, semiconductor manufacture, purging, chemical plants, steel industries, welding among others, the MultiDetek 2 validates traces of H2-N2-CO-CO2 as well as NMHC in Argon to sub ppbV levels. The analyzer may be integrated into cabinets for stream switching and is also customisable to enable users to meet their unique measurement needs.

Date: 7 February 2019
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Written & issued by Michell Instruments Ltd.