NEW Corrosion-resistant analyzer for catalytic reformer applications

Michell Instruments has announced a new variant of its OptiPEAK TDL600 moisture analyser, developed specifically for use in catalytic reforming processes in refineries. The OptiPEAK TDL600 is based on tuneable diode laser spectroscopy technology – a non-contact form of sensor as it uses absorption of frequencies of light to measure moisture content in gases.

The use of non-contact TDLAS measurement technology means that the system does not suffer from potential hydrochloric acid corrosion issues which may affect other direct contact sensors. In addition, the fast response to changes in moisture value make the OptiPEAK TDL600 ideal for use in catalytic reforming processes where controlling 10 to 20ppmV moisture content is critical to maintaining optimum catalyst condition and efficient creation of high-octane reformates.

Catalytic reforming is found in every refinery, since the straight run naphtha hydrocarbons distilled from the crude unit must have its octane raised to levels necessary to meet gasoline fuel specifications. Semi-regenerative and cyclic designs were originally used, but virtually all the new reformers in at least the past 20 years have been continuous (regeneration) catalytic reformers (CCRs).

The OptiPEAK TDL600 is the latest addition to Michell’s offering for monitoring moisture in catalytic reforming processes. The QMA601 moisture analyser, which uses quartz crystal microbalance technology, has also proven itself in H2 recycle gas with innovative adaption which reduces the impact of HC corrosion.

Date: 3 December 2018
Ref : 246
Written & issued by Michell Instruments Ltd.