Explosion-Proof Ultra High Purity PPB Oxygen Analyser Ensures Safety During Ethylene Production

The GPR-18 MS Ultra High Purity Oxygen Analyzer from Analytical Industries Inc. measures oxygen contamination levels in ethylene production in parts per billion (PPB) to improve product quality and yield.

As well as ethylene, this gas analyser has been designed for plants that produce high-quality, flammable gases such as hydrogen, and light hydrocarbons including methane, ethane, propane, and butane.

An advanced electrochemical Pico-Ion oxygen sensor provides a 0-1 PPM full scale measuring range. This electrochemical oxygen sensor requires no maintenance and tracks oxygen levels from 1,000 PPM to below 5 PPB over 5 set ranges. As well as being highly sensitive at low PPB oxygen levels, the Pico-Ion sensor offers excellent accuracy and linearity, fast response to an increase in O2 levels and a quick recovery time from exposure to elevated oxygen concentrations.

The GPR-18 is supplied with a stainless-steel sample system, which is specifically designed to minimise downtime and operating costs. An innovative bypass system isolates the sensor at low PPB oxygen to extend its life during line changes. For added reliability and accuracy, the interior electronics and sample lines are temperature controlled and the resulting signal output is compensated for changes in temperature.

The GPR-18 MS UHP is certified explosion-proof to ATEX Directive 94/9/EC for hydrogen service with a hazardous area classification of EX II 2 G Ex d IIB+H2 T6 or T5.

Date: 5 November 2018
Ref : 244
Written & issued by Michell Instruments Ltd.