End of an era: Michell Instruments ends production and support of Transmet I.S. dew point transmitters

After its launch twenty years ago, Michell Instruments has announced the final obsolescence of the Transmet I.S. dew point transmitter.

The Transmet and Transmet I.S. transmitters were landmark products because they were the first to make continuous, online dew-point measurements easily integrated into a large number of applications. They were the world’s first 3-wire, 4-20mA dew point transmitters as well as Michell’s first automatically calibrated products, which made them both easily mass-produced and highly cost-effective. In addition, up to 32 of the transmitters could be networked in the field, giving complete confidence and control to plant operators.

After the Transmet launch, Michell Instruments continued to develop and improve the design, which led to the development of the Easidew three-wire and two-wire transmitters. Michell now offers two well-established ranges of economical dew-point transmitters: the Pura series for ultra high-purity gases and the above-mentioned Easidew, which became the industry standard instrument used in applications ranging from compressed air dryers to measuring moisture in process liquids.

Production of Transmet I.S. transmitters ended in 2013, and now service for existing products has ceased. To keep processes running and ensure continuity customers are now offered the fully compatible replacement, Easidew PRO I.S., which is now the preferred moisture instrument for many process applications.

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Date: 29 June 2016
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Written & issued by Michell Instruments Ltd.