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Redesigned S8000 Integrale from Michell offers faster response and improved functionality

Michell Instruments has redesigned its S8000 Integrale Chilled Mirror Hygrometer to take advantage of improvements in technology since its introduction in 2007, as well as give it a fresh new look.

The improvements cover three areas – mechanical design for increased durability and strength, improved sensor head for faster readings at lower dew points and increased simplicity of use with a touch-screen interface with intuitive menus. The S8000 Integrale MKII now includes many of the features found in Michell’s top-of-the-line chilled mirror instrument, the S8000 RS.

The S8000 Integrale MKII has an all-new sensor head design, featuring improved integrity and sealing mechanisms. This means that the Integrale now has a faster response to -60°Cdp, improved sensitivity and faster reaction to transient dew-point conditions. The pressure rating of the instrument has improved from 247 psig to 290 psig, and the unit still has the same accuracy of ±0.1°Cdp. The new chassis design is not purely cosmetic. As well as being more durable and resistant to scratches, the casing now facilitates easier access for maintenance: there are just four screws to remove rather than 18 on the previous model.

The new full color touch-screen interface is intuitive and makes the instrument both easy to use and interrogate. The new S8000 Integrale also offers more options for communication. As well as Modbus RTU over USB, it offers the option for Ethernet, RS232 and RS485.

Typical applications for the S8000 Integrale include high-precision moisture measurements in metrology laboratories and clean rooms as well as industrial applications such as environmental control in engine testing.

S8000 Integrale

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