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New Chilled Mirror Hygrometer for Anti-Icing Systems of Gas Turbines

Protecting against icing in low temperature/high humidity environments is vital to prolong the life and efficiency of a gas turbine. A new generation of the Optidew Hygrometers from Michell Instruments has been designed specifically for anti-icing systems in these applications.

The Optidew chilled-mirror principle provides a repeatable, drift-free dew point measurement with a wide dynamic range from -50°C to +90°C dew point over -10°C to +90°C. The rugged design offers minimal maintenance while retaining the performance and sensitivity of a high-level laboratory reference hygrometer. Compared to a traditional polymer RH probe, the Optidew offers far better accuracy and stability. Protection against contamination of the chilled mirror is provided by Michells state of the art Dynamic Contamination Correction (DCC) System.

Two 4-20 mA output signals are configurable through the instrument s interfacing software for dew point and temperature or RH and temperature. The RS232 provides custom data logging with Windows-based configuration software.

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