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S8000 Integrale Chilled Mirror Dew Point Analyzer


Michell Instruments Inc. announces the launch of their new S8000 Integrale Chilled Mirror Dew Point Analyzer with unbeaten accuracy and uncertainty. The S8000 Integrale replaces the highly successful S4000 Integrale. The S8000 Integrale is a complete new design from the optics through to the styled housing. It offers a wider measurement range, major improvements in the response speed, a frost assurance system, easy mirror cleaning, intuitive menu system, multiple language display and an appealing, styled, distinctive housing among many other innovations.

  • The S8000 Integralerequires no external utilities to achieve a -85°F/-65°C dew point even with an ambient temperature of 104°F/40°C. This alone is a significant advantage over many units in the field but the S8000 achieves a stable reading much faster too!
  • Due to a patented cooler design, the speed of response to changes in the dew point with added stability is greatly enhanced. When time is a concern, the S8000 provides the performance.
  • The Frost Assurance System Technology (FAST) can be selected and adds precision by forcing the moisture to form frost below the freezing point of water.
  • A mirror microscope allows operator verification of the state of the condensate.
  • The sensor head swings away for easy access to the mirror for maintenance.

The S8000 Integrale offers these features in addition to an intuitive menu system, multiple language display and a choice of distinctive housings are now available for precision dew point and humidity measurement or as an in house reference standard.

PDF Version Available

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