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Condumax II - Automatic Hydrocarbon Dew Point Analyzer


Condumax was originally designed by Michell Instruments in partnership with Shell Research in 1984 to measure the hydrocarbon dew point of natural gas with a new innovative sensor. Due to its direct fundamental measurement principle that is specific to hydrocarbon dew point, Condumax is still recognized as the benchmark instrument for this measurement by many national and multinational companies involved in the production, storage and distribution of natural gas.

After a three year development program, the new Condumax II includes enhanced new features like electronic sensor cooling/heating that provides readings more frequently and eliminates gas coolant utilities. It is CSA c/us approved for Cl. 1, Div 1, Gp. B, C, D and can be supplied with an integral sample system for installation outdoors next to the sample tap. It also has an option of measuring both hydrocarbon and water dew point for added functionality. There are many new features so be sure to request additional information.

Condumax/Condumax II has been successfully applied in both on and offshore dehydration and hydrocarbon reduction plants in order to monitor the prevention of hydrate formation. It has also been used for Superheat control in gas turbines to prevent flash backs and for fiscal metering at transfer points for verification of tariff compliance. Condumax has proven its worth repeatedly, giving years of reliable service with minimal maintenance. Condumax II builds on this record of success and delivers unequalled technical and operational excellence with a superb track record of reliability.

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