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High pressure S8000 from Michell saves money in compressed air and gas manufacture.

Michell Instruments’ S8000 Integrale chilled mirror hygrometer is able to handle sample gas at pressures of up to 250 psig. This results in a reduced response which can save users time and money in dry applications – such as compressed air and bottled gases – where low dew-points are reached.

Pressurizing the sample speeds up the response time because the gas will have a higher dew point than the same sample at atmospheric pressure. This is because the water molecules are squeezed closer together under pressure making the sample ‘wetter’ than it would be at atmospheric pressure.

For example, a pressure dew point of -20°F at 250psig is approx. equivalent to an atmospheric dew point of -65°F. With the higher dew point under pressure, the S8000 is able to reach the temperature and stabilize much faster than with the lower atmospheric dew point.

Operating at higher pressure has the additional benefit of removing the need to reduce pressure on the inlet of the chilled mirror device. The sampling system is accordingly greatly simplified by eradicating potential uncertainties associated with the use of pressure reducing devices which are prone to water vapor contamination. This is of particular benefit to compressed air systems.

The S8000 is a Precision Dew Point Meter with an operating range from -75ºF to +105ºF with accuracy of ±0.18% dew point and excellent stability. Response speed of the instrument has been further enhanced with updates to the firmware to allow the tracking of any minute dew point changes in the sample gas.

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