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Latest News

New configuration and diagnostics tool
16 May 2016
Flexible solution for on-site field verifications for moisture in natural gas analyzers
25 April 2016
Process moisture analyzer approved for world-wide installation
7 March 2016
New options for Michell’s economical moisture sampling system
26 January 2016
New lightweight portable humidity verification system holds its own against heavyweight competition
1 December 2015
Not just a pretty face: redesigned S8000 Integrale from Michell offers faster response and improved functionality
10 November 2015
New upgrade kits enable users to convert their transmitters into analyzers
23 October 2015
Latest generation Quartz Crystal Microbalance moisture analyzer designed for easy installation and retrofit
8 October 2015
Michell Instruments signs supplier agreement with Axens for process moisture in refinery applications
28 September 2015
Complete suite of analyzers to ensure natural gas quality and process efficiency at ASGMT
18 September 2015
As easy as changing a light bulb: fast, simple maintenance with increased accuracy for RH and temperature sensor
14 September 2015
Trace oxygen analyzer from Michell meets demand for accuracy in cryogenic air separation
1 September 2015
TDLAS analyzer now available for US NEC500 certification
17 August, 2015
Humidity Calibration explained – free e-books available
24 July, 2015
Minimal maintenance means low-lifetime cost for Michell’s latest QCM analyzer
10 July, 2015
Michell Instruments awarded funding to develop energy-saving gas analyzer
29 June, 2015
The latest generation QCM moisture analyzer from Michell Instruments gives reliable readings at sub ppm levels.
17 June, 2015
Humidity and temperature probe ensures perfect surface for skaters
17 March, 2015
Compact, stand-alone chilled mirror hygrometer provides boost for small labs
24 February, 2015
Simple, bench mount oxygen analyzer provides cost saving
19 February, 2015
New Michell Moisture Analyzer for Natural Gas Provides Unrivalled Accuracy in Changing Gas Streams
28 October, 2014
Michell Instruments researchers pioneer progress in high pressure humidity calibration
3 September, 2014
Unique portable humidity calibrator from Michell provides 12 hours of battery powered use
8 August, 2014
New Globally Certified Explosion Proof Moisture Transmitter from Michell Provides Universal Solution
16 June, 2014
Michell Instruments Celebrates 40 Years of Innovation
2 June, 2014
IECEx certifications gain Michell world-wide approval for hazardous area analyzers
22, April 2014
Self-Contained Dew-Point Instrument Offers Easy Installation
31, March 2014
New Binary Gas Analyzer Offering Long-Term Reliability and Low-Cost of Ownership
17, March 2014
Advances in optical sensing technologies provide way forward for processing shale gas.
20, February 2014
Reliable RH and Temperature sensor from Michell helps farmers increase yield of healthy poultry.
20, November 2013
Unique portable humidity calibrator from Michell provides 12 hours of battery powered use.
31, October 2013
New, Cost Effective XZR200 Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer With Fault Monitor
24, October 2013
Michell’s MDM300 Portable Hygrometer, A Critical Factor in Maintaining Medical Air Safety
11, July 2013
New Transportable Hydrocarbon Dew-Point Analyzer at AGA Conference and Exhibition, 2013
15, May 2013
New transportable hydrocarbon dew-point analyzer makes investigations of natural gas quality easier to perform
5, May 2013
Condumax II Hydrocarbon Dew-Point Analyzer, Result Driven, Best in Class for Natural Gas Quality
23, April 2013
Humidity Measurement and Calibration Company, Michell Instruments, Exhibiting at Pittcon 2013 Tradeshow
8, March 2013
Michells’ Moisture in Liquids Analyzer Provides Reliable, Accurate Readings in Low-Moisture Environments
13, February 2013
Michell Delivers Accurate Relative Humidity and Temperature Measurement for Harsh Environments
15, January 2013
Michells' High Precision Chilled Mirror Hygrometer Improves Engine Test Stand Operation
16, November 2012
Michells' XTP601 Oxygen Analyzer Now Available For Use in Pure Hydrogen
1, November 2012
Michell Oxygen Analyzer approved for hazardous area use in US and Canada
11, September 2012
Easy re-calibration for moisture transmitters keeps pure gas processes running
19, August 2012
Best in Class Chilled Mirror Hygrometer
20, June 2012
Michell Instruments now offers a high precision chilled mirror hygrometer that's improving the quality of emission testing.
8, May 2012
Michells' Intrinsically-Safe Dew-Point Transmitter Now Aids in Safe and Efficient Electric Power Generator Operation
29, March 2012
Michell's moisture and humidity calculator app for iPhone and Android
28, February 2012
MDM25 RH Handheld Relative Humidity Hygrometer
6, February 2012
Michell Instruments helps prevent moisture condensation in LPG used as vehicle fuel
23, January 2012
Michell Instruments Launches Online Catalog with E-Commerce Functionality
28, October 2011
High-Speed Portable Hygrometer is Now Intrinsically Safe
27, july 2011
Michell Instruments Expands Manufacturing by Nearly 14,000 Sq ft
10, May 2011
Michell retrofits older aluminum oxide moisture measurement systems with new ceramic sensor multi-channel moisture analyzers
3, March 2011
Michell Website Offers Free Software and Literature Downloads
23, February 2011
Reliable solar thermal power - thanks to Michell's Liquidew Analyzer
9, September 2010
NEW - Interchangeable OEM Sensor Module for Relative Humidity and Temperature

5, May 2010
NEW - Relative Humidity/Temperature Digital Transmitter for Wall Mounting - WM291

16, December 2009
Michell Instruments Moving and Expanding.
15, December 2009
High-Speed Portable Dew-Point Hygrometer - Affordable and very cost effective
30, November 2009
Michell Instruments develop twin condumax - a unique design to meet needs of a leading energy company
20, November 2009
New flue gas analyzer from Michell saves installation and maintenance costs with innovative design
20, August 2009
Michell Expands Calibration Lab to Increase Hydrocarbon Dew-Point Analyzer Capacity
6, August 2009
NEW - High-Speed Advanced Technology Dew-Point Hygrometer - MDM300
9, July 2009
Precision Dewpoint Meter with Michell Chilled Mirror Technology
29, June 2009
New Frost Assurance System Technology (FAST) to improve accuracy of Chilled Mirror Hygrometer
12, April 2009
Avoid Tariff Compliance Penalties · Secure Your Sales · Save Operating Costs · Protect Your Capital Equipment
11, March 2009
High pressure S8000 from Michell saves money in compressed air and gas manufacture.
11, February 2009
New Dew Point Transmitter for Easy Installation at pressures up to 6500psi
14, January 2009
New Oxygen Analyzer Product Line from Michell Instruments
7, January 2009
New Chilled Mirror Hygrometer for Anti-Icing Systems of Gas Turbines
5, December 2008
Michell acquires Coreci relative humidity business
1, October 2008
S8000 Integrale Chilled Mirror Dew Point Analyzer
2, July 2008
New - High Performance Dew Point Transmitter for Process and General Environmental Applications.
18, June 2008
FREE - Moisture Measurement Slide Rule Calculator
2, June 2008
Condumax II - Automatic Hydrocarbon Dew Point Analyzer
2, July 2007
Michell Moves to State-of-the-art Premises
1, June 2007
Gas flow rates and Michell Hygrometry Products.
2, March 2007
Moisture and Humidity Measurement Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry.
1, January 2007