Michells' XTP601 Oxygen Analyzer Now Available For Use in Pure Hydrogen

Michell Instruments announces first of its kind, oxygen analyzer, that accurately measures oxygen in pure hydrogen.

Rowley, MA: The XTP601 analyzer is unlike any other thermo-paramagnetic oxygen analyzer in its class as the improved cell construction and specification of thermistors allows for measurement of O2 in hydrogen.

Michells' XTP601 Oxygen Analyzer utilizes a vacuum brazing sealing method on the gas inlet and outlet pipes, reducing the elastomeric seals in the gas path to just one O-ring eliminating the chance of a leak. By applying a second coating of glass to the thermistors, the risk of H2 permeating into the thermistor bodies and affecting their performance is also reduced.

This is especially necessary within the power generation industry as the absence of oxygen in the atmosphere significantly reduces the damage of the windings insulation by eventual corona discharges. This can be problematic as the generators typically operate at high voltage, often 20 kV.

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