Michell Instruments develop twin condumax - a unique design to meet needs of a leading energy company

Michell Instruments have been working with a leading energy company to develop a unique control solution for their natural gas storage site. The company required total security in their hydrocarbon dew-point readings, so Michell developed the Twin-Condumax II Sampling System to provide this with complete confidence.

Employing two Condumax II explosionproof hydrocarbon dew-point Analyzers means that there is always the reassurance of a reference instrument to confirm readings. The other advantage to this system is that it can be used continually, with no interruption in measurements caused by routine maintenance or other potential disruptions.

The system has been custom designed to meet the specific needs of the user and Michell was able to satisfy the customer's enhanced pipeline safety requirements by accommodating the required controls within the architecture of the analyzer. An additional regulator and sample line have also been added to the system to provide a supply for use in the customers' labs.

Condumax is recognised by many national and multinational companies involved in the production, storage and distribution of natural gas as the benchmark instrument with which to reliably record the hydrocarbon dew point of natural gas.

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Twin Condumax