Complete suite of analyzers to ensure natural gas quality and process efficiency at ASGMT

Michell will be showcasing their suite of moisture in natural gas, hydrocarbon dew point and oxygen analyzers at the 50th American School of Gas Measurement Technology in September.

If you are planning on attending the event, here’s a quick preview of what to expect on Michell’s booth #76:

The recently launched QMA601 Process Moisture Analyzer features the latest generation of Quartz Crystal Microbalance trace moisture sensor, giving it a lower detection limit of 0.1ppmV and an upper range of 2000ppmV. It has a built-in auto calibration function – traceable to NIST – where an integral moisture generator provides a reference which is used to verify the measurements to ensure user confidence. In addition to this, precise temperature control of the moisture generator, sensor and flow control devices keeps the analyzer stable independent of changes to the ambient conditions.

Michell’s XTP601 has proven itself in gas processing applications, including biogas production and storage. Incorporating Michell’s thermo-paramagentic oxygen sensor, it provides stable, accurate readings and is capable of measuring oxygen from 0-1% up to 0-50% as well as suppressed zero ranges, such as 90-100%.

For continuous, online measurements of water dew-point in process gases or liquids, the robust Easidew PRO XP moisture transmitter has global explosion and flameproof certifications with an optional integral display. It uses the latest ceramic moisture sensing technology from Michell, and is capable of measuring dew points in gases from -110°C to +20°C and 0-3000 pppmV.

With its custom-designed sampling kit, the MDM300 I.S. is able to make reliable measurements in natural gas streams at up to 350 bar, giving readings that are representative of actual process conditions. Because it is a portable instrument, the MDM300 I.S. enables measurements to be made at multiple points in the process – which means that points of moisture ingress are identified quickly and easily, avoiding damage to equipment.

Michell also manufacture the market-leading Condumax II Hydrocarbon Dew-Point Analyzer, which provides continuous online-measurements of hydrocarbon dew point (with optional water dew point) to ensure gas conforms to international quality standards in critical applications such as pipeline custody transfer.

The OptiPEAK TDL600 moisture in natural gas analyzer features Michell’s latest advances in tuneable laser diode sensing technology. With dynamic background compensation, the analyzer is able to reliably measure trace moisture in changing backgrounds of natural gas – a vital function given the increased use of gas from different sources, such as shale gas and biomethane.

Michell’s moisture and oxygen transmitters and analyzers for natural gas applications carry global hazardous area certifications and approvals, including ATEX, FM, CSA, INMETRO and TC TR TX.

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