Zirconium Oxide Oxygen Sensors

Zirconium-oxide sensors are based on the principle of a solid-state electrochemical cell. A layer of yttria-stabilized zirconium oxide is typically heated to between +600°C and +700°C, allowing oxygen ions to pass through it from a higher concentration to a lower concentration. The movement of ions produces an electromotive force which is used to determine the oxygen concentration. The greater the differential of oxygen on either side, the higher the voltage produced, allowing measurements from 100% to less than one part per million.

We offer three types of Zirconium-oxide based sensors:

Metallic Sealed Reference Sensor (MSRS)

Michell Zirconium Oxide Oxygen Sensor The MSRS sensor contains a metallic sealed reference which eliminates the need for reference air, and ensures reliable measurements. The sensor technology was developed to measure oxygen levels in gas in extreme conditions, so is robust enough to withstand extreme heat and highly corrosive gases. These properties, combined with the design of the sample probe, make the MSRS very effective for high-temperature applications (up to +1300°C) such as flue-gas analysis.

Advantages of MSRS:
  • Resistant to pollution (in stack gases)
  • Does not get ‘sleepy’ in clean gases
  • The measurement is stable, especially when compared to electrochemical sensors
  • Only one calibration gas is required
  • Capable of measuring oxygen in a wide variety of applications

XZR400 Series XZR400 Series
The XZR400 oxygen analyzer measures trace oxygen in pure gases. It is used to control the purity of gases such as Nitrogen, Argon, Helium and Carbon Dioxide during manufacture, quality in air separation plants, or for quality assessement of bought gases. It is available in wall-mountable and rack-mountable versions, both suited to a range of applications.
XZR500 XZR500 and XCU500 Stack gas sensor and analyzer
The XZR500 oxygen analyzer from Michell Instruments is designed to determine the excess air required for optimum combustion. It uses MSRS Zirconium Oxide technology to measure levels of oxygen in harsh conditions such as boilers, incinerators and furnaces, providing fast, accurate readings in high temperatures and corrosive atmospheres. The Pitot-effect sample probe negates the need for aspirator air in most applications.

Micro Ion Pump Sensor (MIPS)

Michell Zirconium Oxide Oxygen Sensor The MIPS offers a compact, cost-effective percentage level oxygen sensor. The sensor can operate in temperatures up to +400°C, or higher if combined with an extractive sample probe . It has a different approach to our MSRS in that it continuously ‘pumps’ oxygen ions from the sample around the sensor into a sealed chamber and back out again depending on the direction of the DC current applied. The pumping is controlled so that the pressure inside the chamber is always less than the ambient oxygen pressure outside the chamber.

Advantages of Micro Ion Pump Sensor:
  • Semi-automatic calibration feature (using air or a known gas)
  • Short warm-up time compared to other zirconia sensors
  • Cost-effective transmitter that is simple to use

XZR200 XZR200 Oxygen Analyzer
A cost effective zirconium-oxide analyzer to measure percentage level oxygen in combustion processes, ambient air monitoring and many more applications.
XZR250 XZR250 Oxygen Analyzer
A zirconium-oxide analyzer to measure percentage levels (up to 25%) of oxygen in combustion gases (up to 700°C). The sample is extracted via a 316 SS probe with an insertion length of nominally 435mm using the Pitot effect and returned to the flue without the need for aspirator air.

Air Referenced Zirconia

Michell Zirconium Oxide Oxygen Sensor The majority of Zirconia sensors use ambient or compressed air as a reference, but function in a similar way to our MSRS and MIPS cells. Air-referenced sensors are ideal for laboratory and clean industrial applications.

Advantages of Air Reference Zirconia:
  • Fast response
  • Capable of measuring oxygen in a wide variety of applications
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to calibrate

XGA301 XGA301 Industrial Gas Analyzer
The XGA301 Industrial gas analyzer from Michell Instruments provides a convenient platform to measure oxygen, dew point and other gases such as CO2, CO and CH4. The analyzer can be supplied in one of two bench-mounted chassis and with up to three sensors fitted.