Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Quartz Crystal MicrobalanceThe Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) technology for moisture measurement is based on monitoring the frequency modulation of a hygroscopic-coated quartz crystal with specific sensitivity to water vapor. Bulk adsorption of water vapour onto the coated crystal causes an increase in effective mass, which reduces the resonant frequency of the crystal, in direct proportion to the water vapor pressure. This sorption process is fully reversible with no long-term drift effect, giving a highly reliable and repeatable measurement.

The QMA2030 Process Moisture Analyzer is designed to provide highly reliable, fast and accurate measurement of moisture content (ppbV and ppmV) in a wide variety of industrial pure gases. Utilizing quartz crystal microbalance technology, the analyzer incorporates automatic calibration using an internal wet reference source and, with its intuitive touch screen control panel, provides easy operation.

QMA2030 QMA601
The next generation Advanced Quartz Crystal Microbalance analyzer from Michell Instruments is designed to provide reliable, fast and accurate measurement of trace moisture content in a wide variety of process applications where keeping moisture levels as low as possible is of critical importance.

QMA2030 QMA2030
A high-precision, fast-responding analyzer, which uses advanced quartz crystal microbalance technology to offer drift-free measurement for a wide range of applications - from high purity industrial gases to catalyst bed protection.