XZR200 - Oxygen Analyzer

A cost effective zirconium-oxide analyzer to measure percentage level oxygen in combustion processes, ambient air monitoring and many more applications. The unit is configurable to measure either 0-25% or 0-100% oxygen and offers manual or automatic calibration to suit the customer’s needs. Two probe lengths are available (210mm & 400mm) as well as two maximum sample temperatures (250°C & 400°C) for greater flexibility.

Product Features

  • Configurable outputs: 4-20 mA and 0 to 10 V DC or RS232 comms interface
  • Cycling 3.3 V DC logic output allows direct monitoring of the O2 sensor for diagnostic purposes
  • Can be calibrated in normal air (20.7% O2) or in any other known O2 concentration
  • Selectable output filtering allows fast and dynamic or slow and stable output
  • Externally triggered automatic or manual calibration
  • Diecast aluminium case IP65 with stainless steel probe
  • Sample temperature up to +400°C

Technical Specification

Measurement technology Zirconium oxide
Gas Oxygen
Measurement range 0-25% or 0-100%
Output resolution 0.01 V, 0.01 mA or 0.01% O2
Accuracy (0-25%) < 0.5% O2
Accuracy (0-100%) < 1% O2
Response time (T90) < 5 seconds
Repeatability < 0.5%
Sample flow rate 0 to 10 m/sec
Sample flow effect (calibrated @ 0.5 l/min) ±0.1% O2 (0 to 1 l/min)
Sample pressure Atmospheric*
Sample temperature Up to +250°C or +400°C
Sensor temperature +700°C
Background gas Air, N2, CO2, Ar or Combustion Gas
Electrical Input/Output
Power supply 24 V DC, ±10%
Power consumption 500 mA maximum @ 24 V DC
Analog outputs 4-20 mA and 0 to 10 V DC
Output ranges 0-25% or 0-100%
Digital communications RS232 (not available if 4-20 mA output selected)
Operating Conditions
Ambient temperature -10 to +85°C
Mechanical Specifications
Warm Up time Approx. 10 minutes
Stabilization time Included in the above
Dimensions 52 x 75 x 80mm (h x w x d) excluding probe
Probe dimensions 210 or 400mm (length) ø12mm
Weight < 0.5kg
Wetted materials Stainless steel
Process connection 12mm Swagelok® compression fitting or equivalent required
Ingress protection IP65
Housing material Waterproof die-cast aluminium housing
Warning: Probe tip gets hot, do not touch without PPE
* The XR200 is designed to be operated at atmospheric pressures. However, it is possible to measure in the range 0 to 25% O2 at pressures up to 3 barg (43.5 psig) without damage to the unit. The unit will require calibration at the operating pressure and a separate pressure transducer feeding into the control system may be required.


General Engineering  Power Generation  Environment  Process Industries 

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