XTC501 Binary Gas Analyzer

Thermal conductivity technology for safe area use
A lightweight and compact binary gas analyzer for measuring gas mixtures – such as air in argon or carbon dioxide in air. Suitable for installation in safe areas the XTC501 has a tough, IP55-rated housing. Available with an optional display and 4-button interface, the analyzer is easy to install, configure and operate.

Because the thermal conductivity sensor has no consumable parts and will last the lifetime of the analyzer, XTC501 has a competitively low lifetime cost of ownership and is simple to maintain.

Product Features

  • Compact, lightweight and easy to install
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Tough IP55 housing
  • Low cost of ownership due to minimal maintenance
  • Measurement ranges from 0 to 5% up to 0 to 100% and 50/80/90 to 100%
  • Accuracy of better than ±1% full scale
  • 2 x 4–20 mA outputs and MODBUS RTU over RS485 protocol as standard

3D CAD files (Step)


Technical Specification

Measurement TechnologyThermal Conductivity sensor
Measured GasesAir, Ar, CH4, CO2, H2, He, or N2
Background GasAnalyzer is calibrated in the background gas of the process.
Gas RequirementsNon-condensing sample with particles <3μm
Measurement RangeSelectable from 0–1% up to 0–100%, 50–100% up to 99–100% (see order code sheets)
Display Resolution0.01%
0.1% for XTC spans > 10%
Display TypeBacklit LCD (not on 501-GP2 model)
Intrinsic Error (Accuracy)< ±1% of span or ±0.05% H2 or He, whichever is greater
< ±2% of span (for all other gas mixtures and ranges)
Response Time (T90)< 50 seconds for most gas combinations
< 20 seconds H2 or He
Repeatability±0.2% of span
Linearity±1% of span
Zero Stability±0.5% of span per month
Span Stability±0.5% of span per month
Sample Flow Rate100 to 500 ml/min (0.2 to 1.27 scfh)
Sample Flow Effect (Calibrated at 300 ml/min)< 1% of span for flows within stated range
Sample PressureA fixed pressure of 0.75 to 1.5 Bar A (10 to 20 psi A) (unit must be calibrated at the same pressure as sample)
Maximum Safe Pressure2 barg (29 psig)
Sample TemperatureA constant temperature of 5 to 45°C
Sample Cell Temperature+50°C
Electrical Specifications
Analog Inputs1 off mA input for an external sensor (can be displayed on the screen)
1 off mA input to act as an active compensation for the process conditions
Analog Outputs2 off 4-20 mA outputs (powered with 24V excitation voltage)
Output RangesPrimary range is set to the calibrated range of the instrument. The second is user-selectable
Alarms2 off single pole changeover relays for concentration (250 V, 5 A max)
DataloggingDigital communications can be used to log the output from the analyzer on an external device
Digital CommunicationsMODBUS RTU over RS485 Protocol
Power Supply24 V DC; 1.5 A max
Operating Conditions
Ambient Temperature+5 to +40°C
Mechanical Specifications
Warm-Up Time< 25 minutes (at 20°C ambient)
Stabilization Time5 minutes
Wetted Materials316 stainless steel, borosilicate glass, platinum, (plus O-ring)
Dimensions (w x d x h)260 x 180 x 128mm
WeightApprox. 3kg
O-Ring MaterialsViton
Gas Connection1/8” bulkhead standard
Ingress ProtectionIP55