PFMini72 Relative Humidity and Temperature Probe

PFMini72 relative humidity probes are equipped with the Hygrosmart relative humidity sensor/converter. This interchangeable module has miniaturized electronics and does not require recalibration.

Product Features

  • Designed for meteorological applications
  • Based on the interchangeable Hygrosmart module

Technical Specification

Measurement Range (RH) 0-100% RH
Measurement Range (T) -20 to +80°C
Accuracy at 23°C
<±2% RH (5–95% RH)
Accuracy at 23°C
Stability - RH Sensor <±1% RH/year
Response Time - RH Sensor <10 sec typical (for 90% of the step change)
Electrical output/input
Output Signal (RH) 0-1 V
Output Signal (T) 0-1 V or
3-wire 1/3 DIN Pt100 direct
Supply Voltage 5.5–32 V DC
Current Consumption 2mA max
Operating conditions
Operating temperature

-20 to +80°C
-20 to +80°C
-40 to +85°C
Mechanical specification
Ingress Protection IP65 (NEMA 4 level)
Housing Material 316L
Dimensions L=92mm, ø18mm
Weight 150g
Electrical Connections 4 or 6-wire output cable, length 2m