PCMini52 Digital Relative Humidity and Temperature Mini Probe

The micro processor control and multi-point calibration gives the PCMini52 RH probe excellent performance in terms of accuracy and linearity. The mini probe can provide two linear analog outputs for temperature and relative humidity, dew point, absolute humidity or wet bulb temperature.

Product Features

  • Analog voltage outputs
  • Output can be % RH, calculated absolute humidity, dew point or wet bulb temperature and temperature
  • Excellent linearity, micro processor temperature compensated
  • Low power consumption, fast settling time
  • Small size: L = 80mm, ø12mm
  • Stainless steel and molded polymer variants

Technical Specifications

Measurement Range (RH) 0–100% RH
Measurement Range (T) -20 to +80°C
Accuracy @ 23°C
<±2% RH (10–90% RH)
Accuracy @ 23°C
Stability – RH Sensor ±1% RH/year
Response time – RH Sensor <10 sec typical (for 90% of the step change)
Electrical Specifications
Output Signal Options 0 to 1, 0 to 5, 0 to 10 V
Supply Voltage 14 to 35 V DC (for 0 to 5 / 10 V output)
6 to 35 V DC (for 0 to 1 V output)
Current Consumption 4 mA on a typical voltage lead
CE Marked Certified
Operating Specifications
Operating Temperature
   Sensing Element -30 to +85°C
   Housing -30 to +85°C
   Storage -40 to +85°C
Mechanical Specifications
Ingress Protection IP65 (NEMA 4 level)
Housing Material Molded polymer / stainless steel (options)
Dimensions L=80mm, ø12mm
Filter PVDF / HDPE / mesh / sintered (options)
Weight 10g
Electrical Connections 4 pin, M8 connector